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The Four Scheming Demons were now thrilled, holding a much stronger unity tactic than the one they used before. But then Scrooge Demon suddenly said, “Uh, Steward Zhuo, if it’s of no trouble, could you perhaps, maybe pay us back for the bone staff?”

“Ha-ha-ha, no worries!”

Zhuo Fan nodded, [Scrooge Demon is a miser after all. He just got a better unity tactic for free yet still wants compensation for the 5th-grade spiritual weapon.]

But since they were his men now, Zhuo Fan would naturally listen to their requests.

Zhuo Fan sent Li Jingtian after the pieces of the black staff. He then added some Diamond Sand and in the azure flame, the staff was instantly restored, even improved upon.

The Four Scheming Demons were jumping in joy for having their spiritual weapon back.

Perhaps the excitement got to his head or he was just plain petty, but Scrooge Demon pointed at Li Jingtian without an ounce of shame, “Steward Zhuo, could you also give me that old guy’s ring and clothes?”

“What for?” Zhuo Fan asked.

Chuckling, Scrooge Demon spoke as a matter of factly, “We just lost them because we went unconscious. How else could that old guy take them from me?”

“Blast it, they were mine to begin with, you hear?” Li Jingtian flew into a rage, “You little shit, what kind of logic is that? They are yours once they exchange hands?”

Zhuo Fan’s face sank, “Your twisted characters won’t change, but you are never to use them on my men. Or else…”

“I know, Steward Zhuo, I will think better of him from now on!” Noticing Zhuo Fan’s displeasure, and in fear of having the bug in his stomach go topsy-turvy, Violent Demon shouted in plea for mercy, “He-he-he, please excuse him. If he doesn’t get to steal what he fancies, he’ll sulk for a few days!”

Zhuo Fan’s cheek twitched, [That just means he’s really stingy!]

“From now on do not touch what isn’t yours!”

Violent Demon saw Scrooge Demon’s eyes still fixed on Li Jingtian, shouting and turning his head forcefully. But that stubborn face had the duo not know how to respond to it.

[Among these four weirdos, Scrooge Demon is the worst. I’ll have to enforce extra security to stop this damn kleptomaniac…]


Zhuo Fan got their attention, but Scrooge Demon was still very depressed. Zhuo Fan ignored him, “Listen well. We are now going to Thunder Swarm Mountain so you will be leading us since you know the way!”

“Uh, but…” The four shook their heads hesitantly, “We can’t!”

Zhuo Fan frowned, “Why?”

“Steward Zhuo, did you forget? We promised a child to get him an ingredient. The Four Scheming Demons are demonic heroes of indomitable spirit, how can we disappoint him?”

Zhuo Fan eyes them deeply and nodded.

If it were others, he’d be forcing them along. But these four weirdos were hardly honorable. If he left the four the impression he was about to force them out of their promise, without setting a precede

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