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In the thick forest, Zhuo Fan was facing away from the bush behind him in silence and focus. He could even hear some clear ringing coming from that bush.

Zhuo Fan sighed.

[No good deed goes unpunished.] He went and saved the damsel, only to find her naked. So they made a pit stop at a bush to dress up. But this chick was taking her sweet time doing it. [Can’t you just put on a coat or a robe and be done with it? Look at me!]


The grass crunched behind him and Zhuo Fan turned. He was in for the shock of his life.

He hadn’t gotten a good look at this damsel, with the rescuing and all, but now that he had, she was quite the looker. She had a cute button nose, more than generous curves, and big eyes to reflect complex emotions.

Considering her clothes, it was a striking difference from the refined and graceful silken robes. They were made with ease of movements in mind. The constant ringing finally drew his attention to her bracelet having a bell attached, completing her wild look.

[She’s a foreigner!]

Zhuo Fan watched on speechless. Never had it crossed his mind that in a place filled with his clans’ disciples, he would find a girl not native of Tianyu!

Noticing the obvious look she was getting, the girl blushed. She was squirming with shyness, but still had the guts to give him a sharp glare, “What are you looking at? See how I’ll poke your eyes out!”

“Tch, not that there’s anything to see. Why are you so feisty?” Zhuo Fan jabbed.

The girl blushed harder and felt disgruntled. She was a pure and single girl and then she stumbled upon this stranger who had got more than an eyeful. How could she face the world now?

She was mortified, wishing to bury her head in her chest.

[Go die!]

All this while Zhuo Fan was walking away cursing, “God friggin’ damn it! I saved the wrong damsel and wasted all this time too…”

Glaring, the girl spat, “What’s the meaning of this? You regret saving me?”

She skipped in front of him and fixed her piercing eyes on him.

Zhuo Fan’s words struck a nerve and she got over her shyness in a jiffy.

[I’m an exotic beauty, a man’s dream! It was your greatest fortune getting to save me and even getting an eyeful.]

[What’s with that tone, as if you were the one found naked? I am the one hurting here. You ruined me!]

[Humph, greedy pig!]

The girl’s eyes were staring a hole into Zhuo Fan, wishing to tear him a new one.

And Zhuo Fan’s response? Pushing her aside in mid stride, “Move, I’ve wasted enough pointless time on you as it is.”

The girl eyed the proud Zhuo Fan walking away and blinked.

[And you call yourself a man?]

This was a first. All the men she had met so far were quite taken with her, not cold as ice like this one. Then she recalled the desire in his eyes when he got an eyeful in the sky and it was clear that this guy was a man from head to toe. [So why?]


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