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The next day, Dragon Cloud City’s fighting stage was enveloped by a roaring crowd shouting their cheers.

On the stage, two youths stood thrilled and panting, surrounded by either dead or wounded people.

“The winner of today’s battle hails from Crescent Sword City, the Xue clan! They are advancing to the final battle!” A Profound Heaven expert stepped on stage and gestured at the youths.

The crowd exploded with applause, raising the excitement of the two. They left the stage and walked to their cheering clan.

“Big brother, second brother, congratulations!”

Xue Ningxiang gave them a hug and a sweet smile.

The two were Xue Gang and Xue Lin. After the horrors of Blue Expanse City, Xie Tianyang saved them and their clan became Sword Marquise Abode’s vassal.

It was the only way they could have joined the Esoteric Debate.

“Gang’er, Lin’er, you’ve done well. You are now ready to join the final battle and help Sword Marquise Abode’s young masters in their fight!” Xue Wanlong laughed with pride, “Remember, never let down our clan and protect the two young masters!”

Patriarch Xue Dingtian nodded at the side.

Thanks to Xie Tianyang, their clan was under Sword Marquise Abode’s wing, cared for and well supplied. But this left them uneasy, and they were going to use this chance to repay their help! This was the reason for joining the Esoteric Debate.

Xue Gang and Xue Lin nodded, filled with battle spirit.

Xie Tianyang stood next to Xue Ningxiang, sighing, “Uncle, why did you let the brothers join such a cruel battle? This time’s battle will be far more deadly and vicious than any of the past ones. I fear…”

“Second young master, I have made my decision. We cannot go on receiving Sword Marquise Abode’s grace without giving anything back. Please give us this chance to show our gratitude!” Xue Wanlong cupped his hands.

Xie Tianyang sighed.

The Profound Heaven expert on the stage suddenly said, “The next fight will be between Drifting Flowers City’s Dong clan and Flood City’s Yu clan!”

Two familiar figures walked on stage. Xie Tianyang’s eyes brightened, “Who knew we’d see them here?”

“Aren’t they brother Dong and sister Wan’er? You know them as well?” Xue Ningxiang was startled.

Xie Tianyang looked at her instead, “Ning’er, how do you know them?”

“Drifting Flowers Edifices and Sword Marquise Abode are allies. We met when the two houses gathered for negotiation. Brother Dong is somewhat frivolous, but Wan’er is very nice!” Ning’er smiled, “How do you know them? Disciples of the seven houses hardly ever meet with people from second rate clans.”

“Uh, we met in Drifting Flowers City. I hear that Dong Xiaowan and the kid have something going on between them.” Xie Tianyang grinned, thinking of having a little payback.

Xue Ningxiang looked closer at Dong Xiaowan and muttered, “No wonder she never said anything when the topic about who she l

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