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Chapter 279, Godlike



The silence was deafening.

The unanimous reaction to this ludicrous situation was one of utter shock and amazement. Then they all started shivering, Lin Xuanfeng included.

Their eyes turned to the shaking mountains, words stuck in their throat.

Only Luo Yunhai and Xue Ningxiang were happy. Ever since the shout came, they knew with utmost certainty that Zhuo Fan had come through for them!

“Uh, young master Lin…”

The man next to Lin Xuanfeng began speaking, wanting to ask for suggestion as to their next course of action, only to notice that the dude had bolted.

[Rotten useless Lin Xuanfeng! Who was it that shouted the loudest while charging? Who was it that cursed us as good for nothing?] And yet, when it came to running, no one was faster.

[I spit on you! How can such a yellow-bellied lily-livered rat be in the Six Dragons and One Phoenix?]

The man looked around to find everyone loosing their will to fight. It was only natural when one stopped and thought about the monster coming to Luo clan’s rescue, the same freak who scared Lin Xuanfeng away.

[So why should we stay here, to die?]

Without further ado, he shouted, “Retreat!”

Roused up, the men followed behind Lin Xuanfeng without any complaint.

The winning side from a moment ago, was now running away miserably. They even forwent their wounded, selfishly holding their lives as the number one priority.

Luo Yunhai sighed, “Big brother Zhuo is amazing to the extreme. One shout is enough to scare them away. It’s even more effective than our wedge formation.”

Xue Ningxiang nodded cutely, her eyes blazing! She hadn’t even seen his figure, yet Zhuo Fan’s valor and might thoroughly turned her into his number one fan.

Xue Gang and Xue Lin shook their heads. Zhuo Fan’s timely save was more than welcome, but that sister of theirs sank even deeper into her unhealthy obsession of him.

No doubt about it, Xue Ningxiang’s belief that Zhuo Fan would be there to save her every single time was now firmly engraved into the very core of her being.

This delusion was far from healthy.

Her brothers shook their helpless heads.

Ning’er hadn’t once listened to their advice so far, and the repeated near saves, courtesy of Zhuo Fan, only worked to make her go against them even more…


The two sighed…

Then they followed up with the usual glee of finding their lease on life extended and looked after the wounded. Fifteen minutes later, a thunderclap signaled the landing of a black figure.

They were greeted by none other than Soaring Demonic Dragon, Zhuo Fan!

Surveying the battlefield, Zhuo Fan cursed, “That blasted Lin Xuanfeng ran again! The next time he won’t be so lucky. I’ll make sure to pull his other leg and get him to crawl like a beggar!”

The people were scared, but the reverence was obvious from their expressions.

Of Tianyu’s youngest generati

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