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“Alright, youngsters. Time to go!”

Fang Qiubai made a hand sign and pointed at the dark mass in the center of the array.

In a dazzling fashion, a pillar of light sprung up straight to the sky and forced people to squint.

Every clan’s younger generation rubbed their eyes and their mouths twitched. But no matter how unwilling, they all walked on.

[Go! Go! Just go and die!]

They all cursed. No matter how they thought about it, Fang Qiubai’s ‘cheering’ felt more like a blatant wish for an untimely death!

Not like they had a choice in the matter. So on they went, for their clan’s honor, and for their future!


People sank into the pillar of light one after another, gone for good.

Zhuo Fan glanced at the array and said to Luo Yunhai’s group, “The Teleportation Array is random and will split us up. No matter what happens, you are to search for each other first and foremost!”

“Yes, Steward Zhuo!” The ten young guards nodded and Luo Yunhai spoke gravely, “Don’t worry, brother Zhuo, my godfather put me through some scouting lessons and I’ll quickly find you.”

Grinning, Zhuo Fan said, “It was a good thing after all, leaving you in Marshal’s care all those years. I can rest easy now.”

Luo Yunhai’s eyes shined with resolve.

“Let’s go!” Zhuo Fan took his group through the light pillar. Luo Yunchang’s side looked from afar and prayed for their safety.

“Zhuo Fan, I will make you pay for killing my master!” A sudden roar caught Zhuo Fan’s attention. Yan Fu watched him filled with revenge and hatred, more obvious now that the white light separated them.

Zhuo Fan was stunned, [Damn, forgot about that twerp.]

[This guy is a coward anyway. He only waited for me to get in the array before barking!]

[Ah, what a chicken.]

Zhuo Fan shook his head and sighed. He was gone.

Yan Fu however was over the moon. He actually managed to provoke the monster. Yan Bangui walked over and mocked, “Spineless brat, try to refrain from being so despicable next time.”

The other houses also snickered.

[Waiting for your enemy to be unable to do anything to you, if that isn’t cowardice, what is? You’ve gone long on the path of a gutless rat!]

As they looked at him in ridicule, the rest of the seven houses entered the pillar of light as well. Yan Fu gnashed his teeth, his face flushed as he followed them.

The bustling place from moments ago soon turned quiet.

Fang Qiubai found all participants gone and closed the array with another hand sign. Yet beyond his perception, two shadowy figures slipped past just as he finished…


The towering light pillar died and Zhuo Fan found himself in the heart of a forest. He didn’t even get to make sense of his surroundings as a roar grated his ears.

With a rancid smell and whistling wind signaling its arrival, a dozens of meter tall bear rose behind him. With his rock splitting paw, it smash

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