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“So according to you, Zhuge Changfeng, openly defying an imperial edict is a trifle?” Dugu Zhantian spoke coldly with a booming voice, “If everyone does it, what would become of the imperial family’s dignity?”

Brushing away his outburst with a smile and a wave, Zhuge Changfeng shook his head, “Marshal, ease your anger. That is not what I meant at all. Defying the imperial edict has and always will be a serious crime. But in the case where the ruler is rash and tyrannical…”

“Say that again!?” Dugu Zhantian barked.

Zhuge Changfeng waved his hand with a dismissing smile, “Ha-ha-ha, Marshal need not be angry. I wasn’t speaking of His Majesty. His Majesty is an upstanding ruler. Even more than that, right?”

The emperor’s heart shivered, he and Sima Hui both snorting inside.

The three were putting the squeeze on the three house lords just to avoid this particular mess. Only so they could hold one over the Regent Estate. But now, Zhuge Changfeng had breached this topic and the emperor couldn’t stay silent.

The emperor gave a curt nod for them to elaborate on the reason behind this mess.

The three house lords straightened their backs and cupped their hands, “Your Majesty, all that transpired is due to one man, Windgaze City’s Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan.”

You Wanshan then followed with painting Zhuo Fan in a gruesome way and with flourishing detail.

The emperor simply sat there in his throne. He long knew of Zhuo Fan’s ‘adventures’ so why tell him again? Yet despite knowing, the emperor let Zhuo Fan cause all the trouble he wanted.

But now, all he wished was to avoid and bury this topic for good.

Once You Wanshan finished, Huangpu Tianyuan continued, “Your Majesty, this vile spawn defies the seven houses’ dignity. I beseech Your Majesty to lift the ban on Windgaze City and allow us to exact capital punishment on this wretched beast, to show the nation how upright Your Majesty is! “

This time the emperor was in a real bind. Instead of having the three houses turn on Regent Estate, the latter got to strike against the Luo clan and ruin his plans!

Tap, tap!

The emperor rapped his fingers on the armrest in deep thought, “Due to the havoc the Hell Valley and Veiled Dragon Pavilion had inflicted on the people three years ago in Windgaze City, I have elected to turn it into a forbidden ground. But I see that overlooking one man has caused endless suffering once again. My heart is in pain.”

They all knew where he was going with this, sporting large winning grins.

And sure enough, the emperor continued with, “I shall not look into your first offense, but you are not to step into Windgaze City again. If you want to catch that beast, you will have to wait for him to come out!”

“Your Majesty’s heart is with the people. The empire rejoices in having you!” Huangpu Tianyuan’s group cupped their hands in heartfelt admiration, but the sneer on their faces w

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