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Achoo~! Achoo~! Achoo~!

Three outbursts disturbed Zhuo Fan’s smooth sailing. It got so bad that he almost took an unscheduled dive.

This had gone beyond mere cursing, they wanted to skin him alive. [Who the hell hates me so much? Is it Chu Qingcheng? Has her fury outmatched hell’s?]

Shuddering to his very core, Zhuo Fan shook the thought away.

He was oblivious that it was totally unrelated to Chu Qingcheng, but instead the person responsible was his buddy-buddy brother. In fact, his intention was no different than flaying Zhuo Fan.

Thank god he had no clue what Dong Tianba said, or he’d panic, [This guy barely has any talent, yet makes for quite a love doctor. How is it that you know who my heart longs for before even I do?]

Though he had to admire him for such skill, even when Dong Tianba only skirted the waters and never actually dipped.

Zhuo Fan kept on flying in confusion. He soon arrived at his destination and released his Discerning Field.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes lit up in joy. Huangpu Qingtian, the biggest headache, wasn’t there.

It couldn’t be better. He’d go in there and remove the pests first. Since if they laid a trap, they would harass him to no end. [That wouldn’t do, wouldn’t do at all!]

He now recalled Luo Yunhai’s warning. Huangpu Qingtian and company had something special in mind just for him. Lin Xuanfeng let it slip when he lost his cool and Zhuo Fan doubted he was so smart as to make it intentionally misleading.

Zhuo Fan took it to heart as well. He may have Divine Eye of the Void as his ace in getting out of almost any situation, but he wasn’t about to take unnecessary risks. Triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall. Zhuo Fan made sure to never make such an elementary mistake as letting power get to his head!

Zhuo Fan’s figure flashed and thunder struck the earth the next second, picking up dust.

People turned to look in fright. With only weak third and second rate clan members around, this loud and out of the blue noise had them on edge.

But when the dust settled, they gasped.

Soaring Demonic Dragon, Zhuo Fan?

With a twisted grin, Zhuo Fan’s eyes glanced over his future victims, “I have come, as requested, for the Brimming Sacred Pill. Where is Huangpu Qingtian?”

“Uh… eldest young master waited for days so he took young master You and young master Yan in search of the other four. Sir, why not wait for them?” An honest to god man, naive perhaps, spoke up fearlessly.

This set Zhuo Fan’s worries at ease. His grin grew wider, “Am I to understand you stood me up?”

“Uh, no, never. It’s you…”

“I am quite angry right now, and the consequences are deadly!” Zhuo Fan cut him off with his bloodthirsty gaze, “Now, who do you think I should kill first?”

They all felt like crying. [You clearly had this idea from the start!]

[But… how does this have anything to do with us!]

[Huangpu Qingtian iss

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