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“Sister Qingcheng, are you alright?”

Xiao Dandan rushed a helping hand to Chu Qingcheng. Xie Tianyang and Long Xingyun were helped by Xie Tianshang and Long Jie with Long Kui.

All of them watched the triumphant king strut away with bitterness. Even the thousands of vassal disciples lowered their heads in despair.

Drifting Flowers Edifices, Sword Marquise Abode and Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s morale was thoroughly shattered by Huangpu Qingtian. What could possibly instill a sense of courage in them now, to face the one who looked down upon them with such scorn?

Yan Bangui and You Yushan, along with the nice doggies left behind, were full of crass and haughty looks. It seemed that following a master had its perks, a perk of showing off.

By no means did they want to let this slide, but what could they do besides take the humiliation with lowered heads, trying to at least avoid the cocky faces of their oppressors.

Chu Qingcheng bit her lip until she drew blood. The sigh she gave felt like it sapped all her strength, “We need to find the key to the array now. Let’s go!”

The others turned to her with a sigh and a shake of their heads.

What was originally a search for the array key, to become first and crowned champion in Dragon Cloud City, had now become an excuse for running away.

The winner wasn’t the first to return, but the one who snatched all Brimming Sacred Pills.

Like Huangpu Qingtian said, only the strong could hold on to all of the riches. And they didn’t fit the bill!

At her words, Huangpu Qingtian’s step faltered for a second, but now he sported an even wider smirk of disdain.

His lackeys were even more obvious in their mockery, laughing it up. Beyond the National Elemental Stone, Regent Estate’s top figures were sporting the same disdain, to the sinking and wretched feelings their opposing faction was wallowing in.

This battle had seemed to predict the winner. There was no point in fighting any longer. The gap in power was too huge to be even bridged…


At the sudden sound, Huangpu Qingtian snapped his eyes on the source with a frown, “Who’s there?”


A panicked and bedraggled figure hopped out. He found Huangpu Qingtian and burst in tears of joy, “Eldest young master, I finally found you! Save me!”

“Oh, it’s you.”

Huangpu Qingtian squinted, “Lin Xuanfeng you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

How the mighty had fallen. Lin Xuanfeng, of Six Dragons and One Phoenix, used to be a man of culture, of dignity. Now look at him, he was nothing but a bum scared of his own shadow. Although not undeserving, since he was also sporting a missing hand!

Not just Huangpu Qingtian’s team, but Chu Qingcheng’s side as well jerked. The one legged man may be half-crippled but he still had some fight left in him. He would never look so jittery even if he met some serious danger.

And yet…

Look at him now. He was lik

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