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“Steward Zhuo, you must be wondering why I was looking for you.” Zhuge Changfeng’s beard trembled.

Zhuo Fan nodded, but his only reply was a fixed stare.

Zhuge Changfeng held him in greater admiration.

In fact, just by answering, Zhuo Fan would’ve fallen in his trap. Regardless of the content, Zhuo Fan’s reply would’ve given him the rights to lead the conversation and, ultimately, Zhuo Fan by the nose.

But Zhuo Fan kept silent, thus keeping his right to speak.

It may be some minor detail, but to a leader of Zhuge Changfeng’s stature, it was very important. Right of speech translated into power. If one’s right to speak was taken away, then that person was at a disadvantage.

On this aspect, Zhuge Changfeng was an expert, and he admired Zhuo Fan’s response greatly, “Steward Zhuo, your rumors do not do you justice. I am in awe after meeting you!”

“Prime-minister Zhuge is exaggerating. Your illustrious name has given me far more shock!” Zhuo Fan laughed.

Zhuge Changfeng sighed, “Wise men speak plainly. Let us dispense with the tricks. Or we’ll be at it for three days and still not finish.”

“Ha-ha-ha, Prime-minister Zhuge is quite open so I shall do the same!” Zhuo Fan nodded cheerfully.

Zhuge Changfeng went straight to the point, “Steward Zhuo, I fear that someone may have instigated the Luo clan’s participation in the Esoteric Debate.”

“Oh, what makes you say that?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow.

Zhuge Changfeng replied, “We are both men who look at things from all perspectives. I am certain that with you as its steward, Luo clan’s rise beyond the seven houses would only be a matter of time. But your coming out in the open has been far too soon. With Steward Zhuo’s cunning, I believe you are not a man looking for short term gain. I surmise that you’ve been forced, or perhaps, lured into a choice that you could not refuse!”

Zhuo Fan was impressed.

[Zhuge Changfeng is amazing, able to understand everything.] Indeed, Luo clan jumping into the Esoteric Debate and starting a fight with the seven houses was far too soon.

Earlier he was quite pleased with Luo clan’s power, but even he couldn’t be as bold as to declare that this fight was a sure win!

He chose this situation so he wouldn’t lose the imperial family’s support, or worse, offend them instead.

Saying that he was lured was accurate. Forced? Also correct. These assumptions were both correct. Above all, Luo clan’s power coming out in the open at this moment allowed Zhuge Changfeng, possibly the only person in the empire, to surmise that Luo clan would one day surpass the seven houses.

This guess couldn’t be called brazen, but calamitous!

And Zhuo Fan was hoping to see the day when Luo clan would reach such a level. But now, no one out there would ever believe it, except Zhuge Changfeng.

Even Zhuo Fan had to admire his foresight. If it were anywhere else, even he wouldn’t make su

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