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Four figures fell on Blackwind Mountain, Zhuo Fan and his three elders.

Qiu Yanhai and Xue Qingjian watched in awe the impressive sight formed by the mighty four 5th-grade arrays.

[Luo clan is outstanding to this extent that it’s no wonder its steward is so cunning and able. But how come we never heard of it?]

The two looked at each other puzzled.

Zhuo Fan knew all too well what dwelled on their mind, but didn’t dispel their doubts, only made a path through the arrays with a sign. He took the lead and the others rushed to follow.

Once back in the clan, Zhuo Fan called for a general meeting to introduce their newest elders.

The two elders were presented with the sight of people no stronger than ants. Knowing they could kill these people with their thumb, it instilled a deep sense of disappointment in the old couple.

Though after having received Zhuo Fan’s cruelty, it curbed their characters so as to not let it show.

Only when Zhuo Fan introduced Luo Yunchang did their eyes shine. Recalling Li Jingtian’s words, they showed utmost respect for Luo Yunchang. Xue Qingjian even held her shoulder, “Young miss you are the picture of beauty, like an angel from above. I can’t help but rue the day a rotten punk would have you for himself, oho-ho-ho…”

Luo Yunchang blushed and shook her head, but her heart was grateful as she sneaked a peek at Zhuo Fan. She also found the two elders quite likable.

They were Radiant Stage experts yet so calm and mild, unlike the arrogant stereotype everyone knew.

Though clueless this was all brought about by Zhuo Fan’s thorough and unyielding discipline.

The man in question was right now frowning. [Why are these two who always snapped back with how great they are in Tianyu suddenly fawning? And why at Luo Yunchang?]

Turning to Li Jingtian, he caught the latter looking elsewhere entirely. [This has nothing to do with me….]

“Now that introductions are out of the way, the others may return to their tasks.” Zhuo Fan’s clap left only Luo Yunchang and the four elders behind.

He turned to the couple, “You two will be watching over the Blackflame Array in the South and the Ice Shadows Array in the North. I will later tell you how to wield them! Working alongside Elder Yan and Elder Li’s arrays, the Luo clan will never know defeat!”

“Understood!” Qiu Yanhai and Xue Qingjian cupped their hands.

Luo Yunchang was overjoyed knowing the four experts would turn the mountain into an impenetrable fortress. Not even a seven houses siege could make her worry now.


Zhuo Fan’s hand flashed and offered a jade slip, “As you are now Luo clan’s elders, I shall treat you as one of us. Here is the secret Life and Death Art. I find it quite suitable to you two!”

Qiu Yanhai took the jade slip, amazed by what it contained.

Knowing what they were gonna say, Zhuo Fan smiled, “This is no cultivation method or martial art, bu

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