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The cries of agony pierced the skies as the enemy began its slaughter. With their formation broken and outnumbered ten to one, their hopes of surviving were dashed. Just like a mouse squeezed around by a mighty dragon.

Their will to fight had collapsed, replaced by utter despair.

Luo Yunhai gnashed his teeth and got onto his feet. He wanted to reorganize his ranks. He wasn’t about to give up as long as there was an inkling of hope.

But as soon as he got to his feet, he was kicked flying, with blood flowing from his lips.

Coughing blood, Luo Yunhai glared at the cocky and snickering Lin Xuanfeng, “He-he-he, brat, you’re finished! So behave and wait there for me to take your head and present it to Zhuo Fan. I wonder what face he’ll make, ha-ha-ha… “

“Humph, let’s see you try! You think the next time he’ll stop at one leg?” Luo Yunhai retorted in mockery.

Lin Xuanfeng’s mood sank dangerously low.

His life was smooth sailing, the pride of Merry Woods. No one ever showed any disrespect to someone of his talent. Then he met Zhuo Fan, and everything spiraled out of control, him becoming a laughing stock.

His leg was ripped off and hence he suffered endless ridicule that had affected his state of mind to such a degree that it had cast a shadow over him. Not even he wanted to admit such a disgrace happened to him.

And yet Luo Yunhai went on poking his sore spot, earning his wrath, “Damn punk! You think we can’t deal with that Zhuo Fan? Humph, let me tell you, we’ve long been ready to end him. He’s living on borrowed time. You’re the first to go and the bastard will soon follow you to your grave!”

Lin Xuanfeng lifted his Yuan Qi soaked palm, winding up for the finale.

Luo Yunhai was worried, his fists clenched, but not over his safety. It was for Zhuo Fan’s.

He sensed from Lin Xuanfeng’s tone that those words weren’t empty threats. They may very well have grasped Zhuo Fan’s weakness. He had to warn Zhuo Fan before it was too late.

How was he going to do that though, when he was too powerless to even protect himself?

Luo Yunhai’s inner conflict left him in a mess.

Lin Xuanfeng took it as fear, “Ha-ha-ha, here I thought you’d be a man of courage having followed Dugu Zhantian for years, but deep down, you’re just a spineless coward. Don’t worry, I’ll leave your corpse intact, out of respect for Dugu Zhantian.”

Lin Xuanfeng launched his palm attack like a fierce storm.

“Stop! No one can harm the Luo clan’s young master!” An aged voice shouted, just as a red hot flame shot for Lin Xuanfeng.

Lin Xuanfeng only snickered.

Liu Yizhen came to the rescue, with his 4th level spiritual beast flame.

But his flame looked nothing more than a candle to Lin Xuanfeng, “You senile old fool dare mess in my affairs? Get lost!”


A flick of the hand had a blue wind scatter the flimsy flame to nothing. Liu Yizhen spat blood and col

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