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The clans were outraged at Zhuo Fan’s haughty declaration while also terrified of the one they called Soaring Demonic Dragon.

The Profound Heaven expert directing the fights said to Zhuo Fan, “This isn’t in the rules!”

“What matters is strength, that’s how one earns their right to participate in the final battle!” Grinning, Zhuo Fan stuck out his chin as he turned to the seven houses, “And it’s a perfect time to show them who they’re up against!”

Such ego to consider himself the seven houses’ equal!

He instantly earned the disdain of the crowd. While those that knew of his exploits with the seven houses thought, [The kid sure is qualified.]

Huangpu Qingtian stepped forward and watched the stage coldly.

The appearance of Regent Estate’s eldest young master shocked them all.

They soon heard a clear and mighty voice ringing in their ears. The words had such impact they almost had a heart attack.

“Do as per his wishes. But…” Huangpu Qingtian drew his arm over the crowd, “I declare that anyone who brings me Zhuo Fan’s head, their clan will become Regent Estate’s vassal!”


After a round of gasps, a deathly silence ensued. The clans were so overwhelmed they couldn’t dare believe their ears!

[This is godsent!]

One little head was enough to skip the cruel and deadly Esoteric Debate’s last battle and just come under Regent Estate’s wing.

What they didn’t know however was that this dream was closer to a nightmare than reality.

But the promise of greatness robbed their minds of what was to come. Their eyes were fixed on Zhuo Fan, wishing they were already holding his head!

All they were waiting for now was that Profound Heaven expert’s signal and they’d be onto him like wolves.

No one even stopped to think that this free meal could be too hard to even chew. Was Zhuo Fan’s title of Soaring Demonic Dragon, on par with Six Dragons and One Phoenix, for naught?

“Young master Huangpu, you’re sending them to their deaths!”

Zhuo Fan was carefree as he showed an evil grin to Huangpu Qingtian.

Huangpu Qingtian responded with the same smile, “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Then they laughed.

Zhuo Fan wanted to cause a sensation alright, to establish Luo clan’s position in the upcoming final battle. So the more people that jumped on his sword the better. While Huangpu Qingtian never once believed these second and third rate clans had any good seeds among them to even harm Zhuo Fan.

He was using them to see Zhuo Fan’s limit and develop contingencies.

Each side understood the other’s intent flawlessly, all while using each other.

It was a win-win scenario. The only losses here would be just your run-of-the-mill rock for brains suicidal morons.

The seven houses noticed this as well and they were stunned looking at the laughing duo.

[These two are devious and cruel men of ambition. They gaze far into the horizon!]


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