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Two blue silk ribbons shot towards Zhuo Fan. He thought of dodging, but he dismissed that idea.

Despite not unfolding his wings, his speed was beyond the Bone Tempering Stage, thus allowing him to one-up Lin Tianyu.

This was a shock to everyone, but not unlikely to happen.

In the case where his speed was to match a Profound Heaven expert’s, that would label him a monster. Across the vast world, he might be the sole person with such a deviant degree of body refining.

It was tantamount to telling everyone who he was.

[I’ll have to gamble!]

One ribbon tightened around him and made any movement impossible. There, he reminded himself.

[I just need to showcase how strong I am but within limits. Unlike that known deviant, Zhuo Fan, who could kill a Profound Heaven expert.]

The other wrapped Xiao Dandan in a protective embrace.

What followed next was the arrival of the owner of the ribbons. The people lowered their heads in respect, as did Dong Tianba and his sister.

Zhuo Fan only gave her a rough glance. She was a lady in her thirties, wearing a thin veil over half her face, yet incapable of hiding her grace.

And with how high her cultivation was, it garnered even more respect.

While she walked with light steps, her eyes were solely focused on Xiao Dandan. She extended a dainty finger and tapped Xiao Dandan’s forehead.

Yuan Qi entered Xiao Dandan’s body and made her shiver, while also taking away the redness in her cheeks.

“What, where am I?” Xiao Dandan looked around in confusion, but when she saw Zhuo Fan it all came back in a flurry of images. She cried in shock and her face went beet red.

“H-how could I have done that?”

“Silly child, you can’t even tell when you were tricked?” The woman in blue shook her head, then her eyes snapped to Zhuo Fan.

“Little brother, if you are intent on chasing after Drifting Flowers Edifice’s girl, you can chase them using your skills. But don’t you think using Bewitching Whispers is demeaning and vile?”

Zhuo Fan praised her in his heart, [She’s quite perceptive].

Bewitching Whispers affected a person’s mind so that the user could lead his victims to do whatever he wanted. This was how Zhuo Fan got hold of Xiao Dandan so easily.

This little trick wasn’t a demonic cultivator’s secret skill, but not anyone could employ it. First of all, the user’s soul had to be strong, which made most of the demonic cultivators beneath Profound Heaven Stage unable to use it.

And because this skill had limited power, most demonic cultivators did not train to use it. Ergo, the number of people aware of Bewitching Whispers were few and far in between.

Yet, here was one woman who knew its effect.

Zhuo Fan grinned, “Lady, I have no intention of chasing miss Dandan. This is only for the sake of teaching her a lesson.”

“Senior aunt, don’t listen to this runt. He dared to humiliate me and looks down on D

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