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The azure flame was as small as a candle’s, flickering in the wind in front of Zhuo Fan’s forehead.

But with each sway, the Flaming Lion King’s eyes shivered, as if it saw its end.

It then took back its claw and sped away in the form of a ball of fire. It scampered off with speed rather than dignity, so much so that it was even close to falling at some point.

A 6th level spiritual beast, a king in the Allbeast Mountain Range, was now fleeing like a kitty while trembling from every joint.

Frowning, Zhuo Fan touched his forehead but the azure flame had already hidden inside.

He only felt a faint warmth and concluded that it was connected to the expert who had appeared in his consciousness and touched him there.

“Hey, Zhuo Fan,” Xie Tianyang shook his arm as he questioned, “B-be honest with me, are you absolutely positive that you are human?”

“Cut the crap, what else would I be, a demon?” Zhuo Fan slapped Xie Tianyang’s hand away.

“I’ve never seen a human scare a 6th level spiritual beast with just a look.” Xie Tianyang took deep breaths to calm down and continued, “Did you see how scared it was when it saw you? As if afraid you would eat it whole.”

“As brothers, you owe me an explanation. How many secrets are you hiding?”

Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes then turned to Xue Ningxiang, “We were never brothers!”

Xie Tianyang froze, then he showed an awkward smile. But he was becoming more and more curious about Zhuo Fan.

Coming next to Xue Ningxiang, they saw her tear-stained face as she looked at the Thunder Skylark. The lion didn’t take its life but the birdie was too far gone to be saved.

Unlike Xie Tianyang, she ignored the fleeing Flaming Lion King and inspected the birdie’s wounds.

“It won’t make it.” Zhuo Fan sent his Yuan Qi to check its state then sighed.

His plan on getting a Thunder Skylark went up in smoke.

“Big brother Zhuo, can you help her?” Xue Ningxiang looked at him with teary eyes but he could only sigh.

As a Demonic Emperor, he had plenty of ways, but the current him was weak.

Xue Ningxiang began crying her heart out, tears falling down the Thunder Skylark’s face.

The bird opened its eyes and looked elsewhere.

Xue Ningxiang noticed and spotted an egg not too far. But the egg was burnt black.

The Thunder Skylark gave its all before but was incapable of stopping every fireball.

“It wants her young. Let’s go find them.” Xue Ningxiang cried.

Zhuo Fan and Xie Tianyang searched around and soon gathered four scorched and lifeless eggs.

“Wasn’t there one more?” Xue Ningxiang nervously asked.

The two shook their heads. The last one was lost. They couldn’t find it anywhere.

Xue Ningxiang was sorrowful, kneeling before the Thunder Skylark as she sobbed, “Forgive us, we are the ones who hurt you.”

The Thunder Skylark was always watching the four scorched eggs with teary eyes. Then, her eyes flashed and moved her great body.

From below her,

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