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The metallic and lightning sounds came to an abrupt stop. Zhuo Fan’s expression was one of focus as he halted his wings while You Guiqi was nowhere in sight.

A sound broke the silence and Zhuo Fan’s heart seized, he instinctively bent his wings.


His wings blocked the sneak attack of the chains from behind but a cold needle was speeding at his back.

It was You Guiqi with his 3rd-grade demonic treasure, Twisted Needle!

“He-he-he, runt, what are you going to do now?” You Guiqi snickered.

Zhuo Fan’s wings were occupied with the Yin Yang Chains. The 3rd-grade demonic treasure’s attack came at an impeccable timing, right when Zhuo Fan’s movement was sealed.

Not even You Guiqi could get out of this one if he was in Zhuo Fan’s place.

But Zhuo Fan only muttered, “Mystifying Phantom Step!”


He vanished from his place and the chains along with the Twisted Needle lost their target, throwing You Guiqi off-balance.

Then Zhuo Fan came from behind using his wings as axes aiming for You Guiqi’s neck.


With a crisp sound, the wings and Yin Yang Chains clashed again. But this time, their roles were reversed.

The situation flipped in a blink, with Zhuo Fan now pressing his advantage!

Even Jian Suifeng was affected by this sudden turn. Hell Valley’s number one sage, You Guiqi, was driven to a corner by a youth.

“Seventh elder, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of a sneak attack?” Zhuo Fan’s wings pushed against the Yin Yang Chains until You Guiqi leaned backward, “If I also had a 3rd-grade demonic treasure, you’d be dead by now. Yet despite your efforts and the golden opportunity, I’m still alive and kicking, so to speak.”

You Guiqi’s face flushed and was gasping heavily to ease the rage within him.

Zhuo Fan’s words were an affront to his title.

You Guiqi wasn’t powerful because of his cultivation, but because of his title as Insidious Demon, the number one sage of Hell Valley.

Yet Zhuo Fan was mocking his pride. The same as saying [If I were you, I would’ve long killed my opponent with a sneak attack and wouldn’t need to waste time chatting them up!]

This was the worst humiliation You Guiqi ever suffered.

One may mock his character, his devious nature, yet he would take them all as badges of honor. But never ever would he allow one to insult his intelligence. That was where he drew the line.

Anyone who mocked him for a fool, he would make sure to give them a fate worse than death.

Yet Zhuo Fan had him beaten at every corner and kept mocking him, with him powerless to prevent it. This brought a never felt feeling of resentment.

“Don’t get too cocky, damn runt!”

You Guiqi’s anger reached a breaking point. His Yuan Qi exploded, flinging Zhuo Fan’s wings aside.

Then, he swirled his chains at Zhuo Fan leaving behind afterimages.

You Guiqi was at peak speed and with the added effect of the Yin Yang Chains, he reached a n

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