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With his final words, the palms gushed out a tri-colored mist. In a mere blink, it rotated around him like a tornado, obscuring his form.

Zhuo Fan gave a cold laugh inside.

[Those from Pill King Hall are focused on practicing poison and, just like Merry Woods, who focus on speed, their bodies aren’t tempered at all.]

Their bodies were weak.

And to cover it up, he hid in the mist, at a safe distance.

[Too bad your trick won’t work on me.]

His eyes flashed and Zhuo Fan charged, planning on wringing the punk’s neck in one move. But he stopped soon after, as he looked at the mist. He realized something.

[Damn, it’s a trap!]

[He came here to exact revenge for Xiao Dandan, but in fact, he’s been egged on to come here and probe me. If not, Drifting Flowers Edifice’s men would’ve come to settle their disciple’s matter. Why would they let this kid steal the limelight?]

Zhuo Fan breathed in and his eyes returned to the usually calm and calculative look.

[Iris Overseer is unclear on who I am and tricked this kid into testing me. I can assume there are a few Profound Heaven experts already watching.]

[Humph, not a bad plan!]

Zhuo Fan laughed coldly inside as he withdrew, no longer having the desire to kill in his eyes.

Under these circumstances, he must not win no matter what!

“Ha-ha-ha, punk, weren’t you cocky of your speed? Come on then!” Yan Fu’s egotistical voice came from inside the mist.

Zhuo Fan tapped his chin with a faint smile, “Ha-ha-ha, think I’m stupid? You come out if you dare. I don’t believe you’ll stay there for a lifetime. When you’re out of Yuan Qi, I will put you in your place!”

“Humph, you’re sadly mistaken if you think the Rainbow Cloud Palm is only used for defense! I will let you experience the perfect martial art!”


Three tendrils of mist moved from the tornado, like hands, going after Zhuo Fan, their speed no less than his.

Zhuo Fan ducked and dodged through the gaps in the attacks. But the tendrils suddenly turned and came from his back.

“Ha-ha-ha, now you see, punk? Pill King Hall’s Rainbow Cloud Palm isn’t just for defense. No matter what you do, you will still die!”

Yan Fu was cackling smugly while Zhuo Fan was dodging with contempt.

Poison users were strong and weak at the same time. Before the poison was dispelled, the user would be invincible. But after, he was the weakest person ever.

He’d be even weaker than a cultivator at the same stage!

Among the ten ancient emperors, not one relied on poison as their main path. The Pill King Hall was so stuck-up because of this technique because there hadn’t been anyone who could counter it.

[Humph, once I deal with your palm technique, the Pill King Hall will be kicked out of the seven houses. See how you’ll cry then. As for now, humph… I’ll endure!]

Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth.

But his silence only worked to bolster Yan Fu’s

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