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In the shadow of a large forest, a black-robed figure stood on the precipice of a mountain. His eyes took in the view of a large city gate with three golden words inscribed on it, Blue Expanse City.

Raising the corner of his mouth, the black-robed man left as the wind scattered two piles of black dust.

Fifteen minutes later, the man arrived before the city gates.

“Hold, where’s your pass?”

With a clank, two city guards crossed their spears before the man as they released their 6th layer Qi Condensation cultivation.

Taking out a metal tablet with the ‘serene’ character inscribed on it, the black-robed man let them see it. The guards nodded and let him pass.


The black-robed man quickened his pace but after a hundred meters, he turned his head at the guards, eyeing them with disdain.

“Utterly useless!”

The man raised his head and exposed his face. It was Zhuo Fan.

It had been a month since he left Luo clan, and this city was his first destination, Blue Expanse City. This place was Hell Valley’s domain. Just how Veiled Dragon Pavilion placed its guards in the Windgaze City, so did Hell Valley in this city.

To avoid anyone recognizing him, Zhuo Fan put on a black robe.

He braved through this deadly danger because he was left with no other choice. Who told the spiritual beasts to gather on the Allbeast Mountain Range near the Blue Expanse City?

This was also why the security was so tight in this city.

Be it righteous or demonic cultivators, there were other external means to increase one’s power besides the hard and arduous method of cultivation. Spiritual weapons, demonic treasures, spirit animals, demonic creatures, these were all external means but of significant importance. At the time of peril, it could save one’s life.

The late elder of Hell Valley was a good example. Condor Jian Fan’s Soul Devouring Crow had the Purple Lightning Gold Eye and could push back Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s three elders’ joint attack.

Long Jiu’s 3rd-grade spiritual weapon was another, helping him push back two Hell Valley’s elders with just a sword.

It was obvious how important these external means were to cultivators.

Spiritual beasts could be turned into demonic creatures or spirit animals. Righteous cultivators tamed them into spirit animals, while demonic cultivators tamed them into demonic creatures. Zhuo Fan’s Blood Infant which was born naturally was an exception.

The Blue Expanse City was taken by Hell Valley during the founding of the Tianyu Empire. As such, any cultivator wanting to get his spirit animal or demonic creature would have to obtain Hell Valley’s approval.

And Hell Valley used this as a pretext to set up a checkpoint half a mile around it to confirm everyone’s identities, allowing entry to only those with a pass.

But how could Zhuo Fan expose himself and offer himself up on a chopping block?

So he killed two righteous cultivators outside, stole their p

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