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A grand explosion rumbled the skies above the small courtyard as the dragon ignited the heavens in a flash of gold. The shockwave even put pressure on the building, despite being so far, while other houses crumbled in the aftermath.

Deafening noise from the explosion attacked people’s ears even as they covered them up and laid trembling on the ground. This sound attack lasted for a full minute.

But nothing could erase that dreadful image from their hearts, nothing…

A hundred miles out, two men in black fought as they fled from Long Jiu’s group.

“Where is that bastard Jian Fan?” Long Jiu’s anger spiked when he caught no sight of his mortal enemy, “Son of a-, that old dog must’ve left these two to stall us.”

“Forget it.” 3rd elder glared with killing intent, “Let’s finish off these two first!”

Under the three elder’s united assault, the two men in black were sweating bullets, having no choice but to fight.

Then, a dreadful noise came from Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s direction, followed by a golden light that lit up the whole sky. The five people stopped their attack and stood in shock.

“What was that? Did another expert appear?” 3rd elder felt his ears rumbling and sucked in a cold breath, “But… which expert could’ve unleashed such a move?”


With no time to waste, 3rd elder shouted as he flew back to Veiled Dragon Pavilion. He was far more worried about its wellbeing than the death of these two Hell Valley elders.

Though Long Jiu was unwilling, he followed the 3rd elder with a sigh.

Seeing the three Veiled Dragon Pavilion elders retreat, the two men in black let out a sigh of relief, yet were still puzzled by how the events turned out.

They knew an elder was there to make sure the plan didn’t go south. But even that elder wasn’t powerful enough for this kind of feat. Plus, a bunch of Qi Condensation insects didn’t garner such a heavy hand either.

The answer was quite simple in this case, another expert much stronger than Elder Yun showed up.

Hearts heavy with worry, the two discarded any plans of going there to assist Elder Yun. They feared that the Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s three elders might set a trap. So, they took the only viable choice, retreat.

[Elder Yun, you’re on your own…]

At the small courtyard, Lei Yuntian watched the night sky slack-jawed. He thought Zhuo Fan wanted him to bait Elder Yun and leave him open for a sneak attack.

He went with it despite knowing he was a dead man. As long as Luo clan survived, it was worth dying for. But Zhuo Fan defied his imagination. He still acted as bait but did not pay the ultimate price. While the enemy was caught unaware, the lad sprung up with a devastating blow that took Elder Yun’s life, leaving no remains.

Recalling the sky-blazing aftermath, Lei Yuntian shuddered. Not only was he surprised, but also shocked.

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