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“Who is he?”

Asked Jian Suifeng when he saw Zhuo Fan through the dust while being shocked by the feeling of dread the youth exuded.

He was experienced enough to notice that Zhuo Fan had just entered the Bone Tempering Stage, and yet the aura and power the kid released held a threat to a Profound Heaven expert’s life.

This contradiction made it all feel bizarre.

Xie Tianyang felt the same. Zhuo Fan’s face, which was radiating golden, added an extra feeling of pressure.

It was unlike that from a Profound Heaven expert but felt like raw power was seeping in Zhuo Fan and threatened to destroy his last vestige of life.

Everyone felt as if they were standing in front of a savage beast that was ready to pounce on them.

“He is a friend most untrustworthy, but also most dependable!” Xie Tianyang smiled wryly as his body shivered. Not from fear, but excitement.

He grasped the possibility that this new Zhuo Fan could save Xue Ningxiang.

Jian Suifeng looked at Xie Tianyang in amazement.

It was his first time seeing this arrogant and genius kid show such confidence and dependence on someone.

Jian Suifeng turned to watch Zhuo Fan, to witness what made him so special.

“Ha-ha-ha, you not only survived but broke through!”

You Guiqi sensed Zhuo Fan’s entirely changed aura but dismissed it. The way he saw it, this was merely confidence from entering a new realm.

[He would learn on his own skin how weak a Bone Tempering cultivator was in the face of a Profound Heaven expert, and his confidence will deflate like a balloon.]

One thing did strike him as odd though. He and Zhuo Fan last met a few months ago when the kid was in his 6th layer of Qi Condensation, and on his last breath. Yet here he was less than half a year later, unharmed and even advanced to Bone Tempering Stage.

His speed sent shivers even down You Guiqi’s spine.

[How did this happen?] You Guiqi thought, [This runt is a freak, and must definitely be put down for good!]

You Guiqi snorted, “Ming’er, go and end him for me.”

Zhuo Fan rose an eyebrow in ridicule, “Oh, so it’s you. That’s fine, last time you ran away and left me with regret, but I will be extra careful in making sure to end our grievance this time around!”

“What, you two know each other?”

You Guiqi jerked back at You Ming, only to see his prideful disciple shaking in his boots. Even his face was twisted, pale beyond belief.

“Useless! Even with me having your back, you’re still this scared?” You Guiqi spat at his disciple’s cowardice.

It was fine if no one else was around, but with the two from Sword Marquise Abode here, it made quite the embarrassment.

[A damn lily-livered punk threw all of Hell Valley’s name into the ground.]

Jian Suifeng wasn’t one to overlook the chance to laugh at their expense, “Ha-ha-ha, a brilliant disciple matching a renowned master. Today I’ve seen Hell Valley’s disciple’s staunch will!”

You Guiqi was turning gre

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