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He scared them into submission without lifting a finger. Just how was he a Bone Tempering cultivator?

Song Qian and Song Yu saw a whole new Zhuo Fan and their hearts started racing.


Suddenly, a figure landed before Qi Tianlei. He checked the young master and became enraged finding him unconscious.

“Who did this?” The newcomer whipped his head back and roared, his eyes flickering with flames of rage. But then he noticed Zhuo Fan and all of a sudden his anger diffused.

Zhuo Fan frowned and took a much closer look at him.

The man was around 40 years old, with a beard and at peak Bone Tempering Stage. From the fine clothes he was wearing, it was clear he was a Clan Head.

Song Qian, who was roused from her shock by the shout, began apologizing with tears welling in her eyes, “Forgive me, uncle, it’s all my fault. Take it out on me.”

The man’s eyes then noticed the Song siblings and his gloomy face cleared up with a laugh, “Ha-ha-ha, so it is Qian’er. I was wondering why this brat ran so fast to the city gate, seems like it was to welcome honored guests. So it was all a misunderstanding.”

“Come, follow me to our home. You’ve come a long way to Orchid City, it must have been tiring. As your host, I’ll do my best to make you comfortable!” The man overlooked Qi Tianlei’s situation and simply shouldered the unconscious fellow as he took the lead.

The way he switched tunes real quick, and how he took sideway glances on and off at Zhuo Fan, the later felt it as a warning.

“What was all that about being looked down on by Qi clan? You were clearly trying to fool me.” Zhuo Fan smirked, “This uncle of yours cares for you even more than Qi Tianlei, ignoring even his scared silly son.”

“Why would he? He is Qi Ganglie, the Qi Clan Head, and not once did he look kindly on us.” Song Yu said confused, “But today he’s like a different person. Qi Tianlei is his only son, the apple of his eye. Something odd is going on for him to ignore his son’s plight!”

“Yeah, baffling!” Zhuo Fan scoffed.

Song Qian watched Qi Ganglie leave then turned to the other two, “What’s so strange? He must be in a good mood today, so don’t make assumptions. At least he didn’t pursue it, or we would’ve been worse off.”

“Just him?” Zhuo Fan sneered.

What could a peak Bone Tempering cultivator amount to when not even a Profound Heaven expert was a match for Zhuo Fan? As his strength grew exponentially, he felt the return of his confidence as the Demonic Emperor.

But anyway, the Song siblings were clueless to his strength.

Song Qian walked to him with quick steps then rolled her eyes, “I know you’re great, but that’s within the Bone Tempering Stage. Could you handle a Profound Heaven expert? If you get on their bad side, not even we can help you.”

Zhuo Fan scoffed.

Song Qian shook her head but her eyes never left Zhuo Fan. His haughty and condescending attitude stirred her maiden heart.

In fact, she felt od

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