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The fear in Jian Fan’s eyes hadn’t dissipated even after his death and was clearly visible for everyone as they looked at his corpse that laid stiff on the ground. What manner of death could have evoked such expression from a monster who roamed the continent unhindered?

“H-how? Condor Jian Fan is actually dead. W-who killed him?” Long Jiu was unnerved and stammered.

Zhuo Fan sneered, “Is there a need to ask when I was the one who took out his corpse?”

They all looked at Zhuo Fan with a stranger’s eyes. Each guessed as such, but none dared to believe it.

This monster had even escaped the Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s three elders’ joint attack!

“I knew that there was a deep grudge between him and bro Jiu. Since I chanced upon him, I killed him.” Flicking off imaginary dust from himself, Zhuo Fan smiled, “Bro Jiu, please don’t take offense from meddling in your affairs.”

“H-how can I?”

Long Jiu panted and was staring at the corpse with bloodshot eyes, “This monster ruined my eye and my future. I can hardly contain myself from drinking his blood and feasting on his flesh. How can I blame you for taking revenge in my stead?”

“Brother Zhuo.”

Suddenly, Long Jiu cupped his hands, “From this day forth, I shall treat you as a sworn brother. As long as you’re in my domain, you just need to ask and I’ll do it.”

“Sigh, bro Jiu is too courteous. I barely did anything.”

Zhuo Fan dismissed him with a wave, but that little movement stirred his wound and winced. Long Jiu appeared next to him in a flash, “Don’t move brother, here are some Recovery Pills. In three days you’ll be up and about.”

Long Jiu took out a few small bottles and placed them in Zhuo Fan’s hand.

With how caring Long Jiu was, the other elders stared at Zhuo Fan in amazement. Long Kui pouted, feeling her heart dumped in vinegar.

They just wiped out Hell Valley’s men and earned great merit that even the three elders were overjoyed, yet it paled in comparison with Zhuo Fan, who killed two of Hell Valley’s elders.

“Humph, who knows what trick he pulled to get so lucky and snatch their heads. How could a Qi Condensation cultivator ever kill a Profound Heaven expert?”

Long Kui muttered in jealousy, but everyone heard her.

3rd elder glared but then shook his head.

Yet Zhuo Fan laughed, “It is true that it was by luck that I encountered the one-armed elder and got his head, bad luck in fact. Because I had just then killed a Profound Heaven expert and was out of Yuan Qi. But this also made him underestimate me. How else could I have killed the wounded Elder Jian?”

“If it were any other time, wouldn’t the elder kill me with but a wave of his hand? Sigh, last night I had the worst luck. Unlike some people, who only had to lead their men to ensure their safety…” Zhuo Fan sighed as Long Kui’s face flushed red.


Lei Yuting giggled.

She was clear on what happened last night. Zhuo Fan was indeed amazing, forcing the elder

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