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A morning ray of warmth spilled into the house onto Zhuo Fan’s peaceful face.

His eyelids trembled and he smiled, looking at the person in his arms.

He and Chu Qingcheng lived their days in peace like a game of house. They toiled by day and rested in the same bed by night.

Although nothing happened, they leaned on each other, giving a sense of peace to both. Zhuo Fan, who was a ruthless demon, never stumbled upon such feelings before.

[Perhaps, this is the warmth of a family.]

Zhuo Fan watched the beauty in his arms absentmindedly. Chu Qingcheng’s appearance could incite wars.

As the saying went, a woman was a hero’s downfall. He has experienced this first hand. Living a peaceful life with Chu Qingcheng was all that was on his mind right now.

[What’s the point of rising to the top? What’s the point of ruling the world? How can it compare to a beauty’s smile?]

[Perhaps this is what they call to fall from grace. But so what? I am willing to fall, ha-ha-ha…]

Zhuo Fan laughed inside, the ever unchanging Demonic Emperor was wavering. He gazed at Chu Qingcheng resting on his chest.

Zhuo Fan couldn’t help but want to lean in for a kiss!


Suddenly, Chu Qingcheng opened her eyes and threw them out of the house.


The house went up in flames, turning into ashes in an instant. From the rising ashes, a figure emerged, the outraged Huangpu Qingyun.

The fire in his eyes burned even hotter when he saw Chu Qingcheng and Zhuo Fan holding hands.

“Man, I just fixed the house!”

Huangpu Qingyun was angry, Zhuo Fan was pissed. This was his and Chu Qingcheng’s quiet home. And it barely lasted a couple of days before it went up in smoke.

[Son of a bitch! You’ve gone too far! You take me for a meek lamb?]

These days of peace and quiet seemed to have gone to his head. It made him forget he was acting as Song Yu. Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He took a step forward, ready to get Huangpu Qingyun acquainted with pain.

But Chu Qingcheng blocked him and whispered, “Song Yu, stay behind me!”

Finally realizing what he was about to do, Zhuo Fan relaxed his fists.

He couldn’t step in now, or Regent Estate would have an excuse to move against Drifting Flowers Edifice and ruin all his plans.

[These days have been so relaxing that I forgot about the bigger picture!]

Zhuo Fan cursed inside, then sighed, “Qingcheng, I will leave it to you.”

“Qingcheng?” It only worked to inflame Huangpu Qingyun’s anger, “You’re on a first-name basis now, like a cheating couple? I will make sure you will die miserably today!”

“Huangpu Qingyun, watch your mouth? Who’s a cheating couple?” Chu Qingcheng glared.

“Humph, you’re asking me? Chu Qingcheng, even when we settled on the agreement, you did not once remove your veil for me! Yet now you just let a damn punk see you first…”

Chu Qingcheng’s eyes were cold, “Huangpu Qingyun

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