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In a lone valley, sieged by mountains on three sides and a narrow trail on the fourth, the sun’s warm glow barely reached this place throughout the year. Being shrouded in mist, this place was a cesspool of poisonous insects and rats.

Yet this particularly strange environment led to the development of some of the rarest herbs the world had ever seen. To gathered such ingredients, men braved many dangers through the valley, where the mortality rate was incredibly high and the ghosts of the fallen exacerbated the gloom.

People came to call it, Hell Valley.

A thousand years ago, a powerful group stumbled upon this odd place and established a foothold. They even set up a 5th-grade array to safeguard from the gruesomeness of this valley.

This group was the You house, one of the Seven Noble Houses of Tianyu Empire. With time, people came to call this valley as the strongest house that could oppose the Imperial family.

Until now.

In Hell Valley’s meeting hall, Valley Lord You Wanshan was in a poor mood as he sat on his throne. Out of the 12 total seats, 9 seats were occupied by elders. Each time he glanced at the empty seats, his eyes turned savage.

“You Ming!”

You Wanshan bellowed, “Do you mean to say that three of Hell Valley’s elders are dead because of a single kid?”

Kowtowing on the ground and shivering uncontrollably, You Ming replied, “I wouldn’t even think of lying to Valley Lord. Elder Jian, Elder Yun, as well as my master, Seventh elder, were indeed killed by Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan!”

“Useless wench!” You Wanshan slapped the table, “You knew he killed two elders before so why didn’t you report this sooner?”

“Spare me, Valley Lord! It was my master who forbade me. Master found it too weird and ordered me to keep it to myself. He told me that he will find the opportunity to deal with Zhuo Fan. But before he could, Zhuo Fan broke into our city and…”

At this point, You Ming’s voice was choked with sobs.

The rest of the elders snorted.

[All demonic cultivators are cruel and cold, so why is this punk getting so worked up?]

Throwing such a show would make them despise him instead.

The elders were all clear this wasn’t his fault yet refrained from pardoning him. If they’d trade places, they would do the same. If not, they’d be accused of rash thinking and that would be used as an excuse by some others to remove them.

Who would believe that a fresh Bone Tempering kid could kill a Profound Heaven seasoned expert if not for it happening before countless eyes?

“Valley Lord, You Ming might have erred, but he had no control over what happened. Our first priority is to deal with the aftermath.”

This was spoken by the first elder on the right as he stood up, “Tianyu Empire’s mighty clans have set their sights on us. If we let that kid go unpunished, what will the people think? We will become the laughingstock of the empire and our vassal clans will abandon us.”

You Wanshan

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