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Zhuo Fan slashed with full power, but a metal screech echoed and Savage Moon bounced back.

He squinted as his heart was in a panic, [This punk has a spiritual armor besides the spiritual weapon!]

But the timing didn’t even let him think. The youth’s sword was getting dangerously close to his chest. In this wound for a kill scenario, his opponent would come unharmed while he would be too wounded to continue fighting.

[Damn it, I miscalculated this time!]

Zhuo Fan secretly cursed and used the Savage Moon’s rebound to save himself! Not for the life of him did he think this freakin’ punk to be this rich.

Even an elder from Hell Valley had a single demonic treasure at best. But this punk here was wielding one while wearing another.

[Who the hell is he?]


With no more time to think, Zhuo Fan’s Savage Moon and the golden sword struck each other.

With a loud sound, Zhuo Fan flew back due to the force. The blood in his chest flowed erratically and forced him to spew blood.

He hit the dirt and the Savage Moon clanked next to him in two. His brow shivered as he turned solemn.

[He has a 4th-grade spiritual armor on him that my Blood Infant can’t get through. The only way to hurt him was with Savage Moon.]

[But Savage Moon is now in pieces.]

This was the first time since his rebirth that Zhuo Fan met such a danger to his life.

The youth was in the 7th layer of Bone Tempering Stage, had a spiritual weapon, had a spiritual armor, and even profound ranked martial arts! [I can’t punch through his defense and I can only take a beating.]

But the worst part was, the youth used all his power against someone weaker. Everyone was afraid of the serious types.

[This will make it even harder for him to make any mistakes for me to exploit.]

[How do I fight him?]

Zhuo Fan stared down the figure while his forehead ran cold with sweat.

Yet who’d have known that the youth’s mental state mirrored his, maybe even more terrified!

The youth was known as a genius among geniuses in his clan. He learned the sword all his life and never lost! But against Zhuo Fan, who was weaker, he was one move away from dying even when he exerted his all.

If not for the spiritual armor, he’d be dead! Dead from a man weaker than him by a stage.

He just couldn’t get over this. He was an exceptional genius who could defeat a peak Bone Tempering expert in a single move. He was the clan’s successor, how could…

The youth’s brow was sweating bullets and gnashed his teeth at Zhuo Fan, “Brother, what is your name?”

Zhuo Fan was startled and saw the change in the youth’s eyes, guessing he wouldn’t keep on wanting to kill them, he replied, “Zhuo Fan!”

“I’ll remember you. We’ll finish this the next time we meet!” That youth sheathed his sword, took his Burrowing Mouse, and was about to leave.

Zhuo Fan rushed to say, “Wait!”

The youth stopped, “What is it?”

“Dare I ask brother, are you

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