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“How is this possible?” Chuchu exclaimed.

That pill was unlike any she had taken. It dissolved in an instant into a miniature sun and caused her to let out a scorching breath.

The strong pill effect traveled to every corner of her body, warming it up. When the effect faded, a comfortable feeling still lingered while also dispelling most of the yin power damaging her meridians she absorbed last night.

Chuchu was incredulous such an astonishing pill existed in this world.

Her Yuan Qi was of yin attribute, and normal yang attribute pills would be rendered useless. As such, a mere 2nd grade Yang Pill should have already been offset by her body before it could help dispel the moon’s yin power inside her.

But Zhuo Fan’s pill was burning like the sun, yet it was gentle, nurturing the recovery of her meridians.

The crux of it all was that her Yuan Qi didn’t fight against it, allowing her to capitalize on the pill’s entire effect.

This went beyond even her wildest dreams!

A pair of sparkling eyes stared at Zhuo Fan’s.

Zhuo Fan was gleeful inside as he smiled, “How is it, sister Chuchu? My pill is different from the rest.”

Chuchu nodded unconsciously as she praised, “You are so young yet using such an enigmatic refining skill. In a few years, the entire empire will know your name.”

[He-he-he, it has already, though you don’t know it yet!]

Zhuo Fan cursed inside, but his face still evoked the same boyish smile, “Then, sister Chuchu, if there’s anything hurting your body, I will make it sure that it stops.”

Chuchu jerked, Zhuo Fan’s words struck a chord in her. She knew her own body all too well and needed a great alchemist to remove the poison. However…

Chuchu muttered to herself. Zhuo Fan was always watching her, his heart stretched taut. If his mind could be heard it would be like, [What’s the hold-up?]

[Hurry up and fork that damn Bodhi Jade Sap over! If you don’t have it, then point me in the right direction at least!]

Then, a laugher suddenly resounded, “Ha-ha-ha, took you long enough. I’ve been waiting here for a whole day, brat.”

Two figures landed from the sky.

One was dressed in red, the beautiful figure of the girl Zhuo Fan humiliated yesterday, Xiao Dandan. The other was a man, a handsome youth in green and with an eerie green flicker in his eye.

Dong Tianba and his sister jumped in shock. Chuchu was also affected, staring at the two with a complicated gaze. While Zhuo Fan’s expression was grave, his eyes glinting dangerously.

[Son of a bitch! I almost had it! Your meddling warrants death!]

Zhuo Fan was itching to snap these two’s necks, but noticing Chuchu, [Forget it, I’ll keep playing the naive child.]

“He-he-he, punk, I heard you were quite strong…”

“Sister Chuchu, they’re picking on me. Beat them up!”

While the smug green youth was pointing at him, Zhuo Fan pulled on Chuchu’s clothes. He was striking an uncanny resemblance to a younger brother b

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