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Four figures flashed before Blackwind Mountain, Li Jingtian and the three Venerables.

They watched four pillars of different light shoot into the sky. The four mists wrapped the mountain so closely the four could only sigh when their attempt at scanning it was futile.

“I am amazed to see such intricate arrays in such a place. It may very well be better than the guarding arrays of our houses. It’s hard to imagine how a third rate clan would know such skill!” One Venerable sighed.

The others did the same, including Li Jingtian, but he did it out of excitement.

Why wouldn’t he, when this was his new patron?

With another sound, Yan Laoliu, Yan Zhenglan, and Lin Rufeng arrived as well.

Seeing as all joined the war effort, Li Jingtian pointed at the Poison Dragon Array, “You three elders, go deal with that array. The Venerables are with me!”

Li Jingtian flew into the Blackflame Array in the South. The Venerables only shrugged before going after him.

As for the elders, they had even less right to complain, especially when the Venerables complied. And since he was a Regent Estate’s Venerable, the aftermath would fall on him anyway.

They entered the array but had complete disregard for safety.

“Humph, a 5th-grade array can’t stop a Profound Heaven expert, least of all four Venerables!” You Laoliu mocked as they entered the Poison Dragon Array.


On Blackwind Mountain’s hall, Luo Yunchang jumped to her feet and made the others grow nervous, “What happened?”

Luo Yunchang took a deep breath to calm down, “Four experts entered the Blackflame Array in the South! They only just entered it and the array is on the verge of collapse!”


The others gnashed their teeth with sinking hearts.

And before Luo Yunchang even realized, the Poison Dragon Array got out of her control as well. It was most likely broken through. And now that there were four even stronger enemies going into Blackflame Array, Blackwind Mountain would soon be flattened.

“Let me go meet them!”

Lei Yuntian couldn’t just sit around doing nothing and rushed outside. Luo Yunchang cried behind him, “Uncle Lei, I can’t see how strong the four are even as they are in the array. They may be beyond the Profound Heaven Stage. You are not their match!”

Lei Yuntian faltered for a second, then he stepped firmly. He vanished soon after, but not before saying, “Luo clan almost perished because of me. Now it is time I pay that debt with my life. Run, I will hold them off!”

The others looked down, their hearts forlorn. They knew of the guilt plaguing Lei Yuntian. He gave his all these past two years and was now going to his doom, just so he could protect the Luo siblings.

“Ha-ha-ha, Elder Lei, since when can one man hold back so many? Allow me to join you.” Captain Pang laughed, following after him.

“Captain Pang…” Tears welled in Luo Yunchang’s eyes.


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