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A wicked grin plastered on his face, Zhuo Fan seemed to have something special in store.

Yan Fu’s heart seized. He understood his master’s intention and wanted to advise against it, but Vicious Pill King shook his hand.

“Did the old fart turn senile?” Huangpu Qingyun sensed the situation spiraling into an undesirable direction and clenched his fists.

Lin Zitian wiped the cold sweat from his brows, his mind was on edge.

[Old coot! You’re vile and wicked, so why the hell are you doing the exact opposite at a crucial time like this? Cut the righteous act, both our lives are at stake here!]

Catching the eastern stand’s people’s reaction with a side glance, Zhuo Fan swiveled his eyes on Vicious Pill King, “Old man, I appreciate the thought, but there really is no need for that. It’s best you go ahead and refine.”

Vicious Pill King stared at Zhuo Fan in astonishment.

Zhuo Fan’s words were backed by unfaltering confidence. He did not propose to do it together and see who was stronger but directly urged Yan Song to go fist.

[Does he have an even stronger flame than Bone Soul Truefire?]

[He fears that his flame will affect my own.]

Vicious Pill King’s heart trembled, but he couldn’t find it in himself to believe that the world could house a stronger flame than the heaven and earth spirit flame.

“Ha-ha-ha! Youngster, don’t brag. Taking your age and background into account, the most you can afford is a 4th level beast flame. You think it’s enough to stand toe to toe with mine?”

Vicious Pill King was probing Zhuo Fan, who only smiled.

Such action only made Zhuo Fan look more mysterious that even the rest were at a loss for words. [You’re telling us that Grandmaster Song has a mystical flame that can stand against your Bone Soul Truefire?]

[This would make the final round more exciting.]

[Two grandmasters, two heaven and earth spirit flames, fighting toe to toe for the crown.]

In a blink, the crowd’s nervous eyes landed on Zhuo Fan, eagerly awaiting his answer. Chu Qingcheng and the overseers were especially nervous.

In terms of refining skills, Zhuo Fan was a cut above Yan Song. Coupled with a possible heaven and earth spirit flame, this could all work to compensate for his weak cultivation.

Only Xie Tianyang felt disdained as he laughed, “Don’t go and believe his hosh-posh people. That brat is up to his neck in faking again. He is in a battle of minds with the old man. I’ve seen this trick too many times to count.”

Long Jiu and the rest nodded.

With how deep and twisted the kid’s plans went, it was very much plausible to be a tactic of his to unnerve Yan Song.

Today’s events proved it. Yan Song himself suffered at Zhuo Fan’s schemes again and again, making him grow cautious.

After some careful thought, he laughed, “Kid, I am frank with you but yet you still use such petty tricks to mess with my head. The same tactic won’t wo

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