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“Zhuo Fan, you rotten punk, today I will bury you!”

Wailing like a banshee, You Wanshan glared at Zhuo Fan with bloodshot eyes. Yan Bogong and Lin Rufeng were also releasing their bloodthirst.

Long Yifey and Xie Xiaofeng held their guard up. Since Zhuo Fan was safe, of course they’d to jump to his rescue. The same thought ran through Chu Bijun’s mind as well. For Drifting Flowers Edifice’s benefit, Zhuo Fan had to come out unharmed.

It all became a stand off in an instant, as six house lords surrounded Zhuo Fan as they were on guard regarding each other’s reaction; each out of their own selfish desire. Meanwhile, Zhuo Fan was peachy, taking but a light jump backward and through the city gates. He then pointed at You Wanshan in taunt, “You old farts, come and get me if you have the guts! You won’t get to touch a single hair of mine regardless of where we’d been. That goes especially here, in my domain. Well, any takers?”

“Zhuo Fan!”

You Wanshan had long lost his patience with Zhuo Fan’s taunts, roaring as he charged after him with the others.

With so many Profound Heaven experts burning to eat his heart out, even Zhuo Fan felt somewhat overwhelmed.

Chu Bijun’s group rushed to block them, but You Wanshan’s team were long since prepared.

“Rainbow Cloud Palm!”

Yan Bogong was the furthest behind, turning around and spreading his arms. The seven colored mists flew at Chu Bijun and others, making the stop and withdraw in panic.

“Split up!”

“Ha-ha-ha, quite clever!” Yan Bogong laughed with pride. But seeing the rest of You Wanshan’s group going after Zhuo Fan, the anxiety ramped up in Chu Bijun.

Regardless how outstanding Zhuo Fan was, or how many Profound Heaven experts he got under his belt, none of them believed it to be from a head on fight, but earned through cunning and subterfuge. This time, You Wanshan’s team was all going after him.

In this desperate situation, even with Zhuo Fan’s godly skills, his chance at life would be slim at best.

Yet, for some odd reason, Zhuo Fan’s was as relaxed as ever, even having time to throw them his trademark evil grin.

This sounded off an alarm in the enraged mind of You Wanshan. As to why, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.


Suddenly, with a booming sound, a bluish light landed smack in the center of Windgaze City’s gates. You Wanshan’s team was in mid flight when a wave of bluish power erupted from the light and sending them barreling.

When they recovered, they looked upon a ten foot long bluish crescent blade, having seven foot long hilt engraved with a blue dragon and a three foot long blade shooting blinding red rays. It spoke of its thirst of tasting the blood of everyone it touched.

And on the blade was a shimmering silver dragon image.

You Wanshan’s team cried in fear, “6th-grade spiritual weapon, Dragonslaying Crescent Blade!”

“Ha-ha-ha, You Wanshan, I didn’t thin

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