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A golden pillar of light shot from the cauldron. The sputtering flame suddenly flared and spiraled around the golden pillar in the form of a fire dragon.

Zhuo Fan’s hand shifted gestures as he chanted, “Yin turns to yang, a snake transforms into a dragon. Ascend and scale the gates of Heaven!”


With another dragon roar, the mixture in the cauldron that Zhuo Fan irrigated flickered with a golden glow. Soon, this golden liquid began to move like a stream, along with the dragon.

As the golden concoction flowed upward, the dragon’s aura grew and grew, as if the golden liquid was its blood, its life.

The audience was dumbstruck, including Tianyu’s most renowned alchemists. They have forgotten their own refining, watching this unbelievable spectacle.

They had refined for dozens of years, but this was their first time seeing someone doing it with such flair.

As he watched in a daze the slowly rising liquid in the dragon, Vicious Pill King’s heart was restless. He began to rush the refining of his own pill, pouring more power into his flame.

Snickering, Zhuo Fan shouted, “Old fool, you’re too late. The second round’s top spot is for no one else but me.”

Zhuo Fan punctuated with a change in his gesture and called out, “Sacred dragon prevailed and returned successfully. Dragon power flows into the fire and gives birth to the pill!”


A sudden ripple spread from the light pillar and burst into golden lights that littered the sky.

The fire dragon stuck the light pillar, to turn its head and smashed into the cauldron!


The fire dragon’s body exploded and formed a fireball. Before the fire passed, the sparkling golden lights gathered around the flaming cauldron. The lights formed a net that tightened the fireball as it shrunk.

With a final heaven-shaking dragon roar, all the golden lights gathered and condescended into a golden pill.

Zhuo Fan beckoned and the pill landed in his hand. He raised it way above him and shouted, “Third-grade pill, Yang Dragon Pill, complete!”

Zhuo Fan’s announcement rang in everyone’s ears, but they were still in shock, marveling at what they just witnessed. When they recovered, they were gobsmacked.

Especially the alchemists, they found it unimaginable.

Wasn’t Grandmaster Song’s pill a failure? How did it succeed?

They turned their confused eyes to the judge, Xiao Ya.

Understanding their concerns, Xiao Ya muttered under her breath, before walking to Zhuo Fan. However, she was hesitant about getting anywhere near the pill, even more so about touching it.

Everyone saw how Zhuo Fan made this crazy pill. He poured his very ‘essence’ into it. Regardless if it was a 3rd grade pill, it was hard for Xiao Ya to even approach it.

“Uh, Grandmaster Song, are you certain it’s a 3rd grade pill?” Xiaoya fidgeted in embarrassment.

Arching an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan presented the pill wit

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