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The golden light moved about then returned to Zhuo Fan’s side. Vicious Pill King watched the golden infant with shock, “What just happened?”

“Simple really, since you fled around like a mouse, they held you in contempt. So I put my demonic creature in you before throwing you over to deal with one of them.”

Grinning, Zhuo Fan added, “When a powerful Profound Heaven expert died without rime or reason, it got his partner scared out of his mind. I used this chance to recall the demonic creature. This time, he held you in too high regard, thinking you hid yourself to pull a fast one on them. And by comparison, he thought I was the easy target this time and charged for me. And to make matter run smoothly, he had his attention split between me and you, leaving room for my demonic creature to catch him off guard!”

Vicious Pill King blinked, still out of sorts.

Zhuo Fan laughed, “In the end, they all died. First was arrogance, second overconfident, third conceitedness…”

“Uh, Steward Zhuo, aren’t they all the same?” Vicious Pill King muttered.

Raising an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan laughed harder, “Indeed, this is the disease that plagues every expert. Facing them head first will make me lose without a doubt. Too bad, they were too full of themselves. To others, this will hardly matter, but when it comes to me, a fraction of a second of carelessness is enough for me to give them a death full of regrets!”

A bolt of fear went through his core as Vicious Pill King watched Zhuo with even more admiration.

Now that he thought about it, everything panned out just as Zhuo Fan explained. It was all done with the sole purpose of baiting the Regent Estate elders, and it worked like a charm.

Without even realizing it, the two bit the dust in but a blink.

Rather than say this was a well-thought-out and ingenious trap preset by Zhuo Fan, it was in fact more along the lines of him reading them like a book and pushing the right buttons to make them fall into a trap themselves.

[Such cunningness is unheard of. No wonder even You Guiqi fell!]

Vicious Pill King held a deep respect for Zhuo Fan now, “Steward Zhuo is of endless wisdom and courage, with foolproof plans. But being just a steward is a waste for you!”

“Humph, you don’t need to go ass-kissing. I am clear where my talent lies. Nothing is beneath me, be it a higher rank or the entire world! Only…”

Zhuo Fan sighed as he looked in Windgaze City’s direction.

This wasn’t the time for such thoughts, but to settle the safety of Luo clan and avoid any trouble they might suffer. This wasn’t just forced on him by his heart demon, but a wish that slowly crept into his mind without his notice.

Since Vicious Pill King didn’t know the whole story, he thought it was for a much higher purpose. His eyes roamed in thought then snapped into focus when he reached a shocking conclusion.

A youth of remarkable talent like Z

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