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Vicious Pill King no longer hesitated and swallowed the pill in one gulp.

He realized on the spot that Zhuo Fan saw through the flaw of the pill recipe since he could make the antidote.

The Rainbow Cloud Palm was made of seven incredible poisons that only Pill King Hall could remove. But even that wasn’t a real antidote, just diminishing the poison within the body so that it would no longer be deadly. Yet as time passed, that little bit of poison would constantly harm the body.

Anyone who used this palm was never long for this world. But to make their house look mighty, they chose to use it anyway. This skill was a double-edged sword.

To the point that his hair turned green as well as his eyes.

For this reason, they had planned to get their hands on the Bodhi Jade Sap for centuries. Not for evil intentions, or swallowing Drifting Flowers Edifice, but to use Bodhi Jade Sap and dispel the poison.

As to Regent Estate entering the fray, that happened later!

And Zhuo Fan, the Eminent Alchemist of his generation, not only understood the pill recipe, but even refined the antidote to its perfect form, 8th grade.

Since Vicious Pill King, a Grandmaster of his generation, knew how great this pill was, he took it without a shred of doubt.

The pill roared in his belly like a dragon, turning into an azure dragon power that scoured every corner of his being.

As if alive, it rooted out every scrap of poison, yet was mild on his meridians while also increasing his Yuan Qi.

He was moved and immensely intrigued by this perfect 8th-grade pill.

Standing at the side, Zhuo Fan saw him shining in an azure glow and the green from his originally black hair was retreating.

The wrinkles smoothed over as well, giving him a fresh and youthful air. Vicious Pill King flashed his black eyes open, free of any trace of poison.

Laughing, Vicious Pill King stood up. His manner grew more dignified as his power advanced a layer. He went from the 5th to the 6th layer of Profound Heaven Stage.

By the looks of him now, he ought to be in his forties and not the aged geezer from before.

Sizing him up, Zhuo Fan chuckled, “Elder Yan, you truly have been reborn. Even your acquaintances may not recognize you.”

“It is all thanks to Grandmaster Zhou’s pill. I was filled with poison after practicing that art for far too long. Grandmaster Zhou is truly the best in the empire!” Vicious Pill King cupped his hands in admiration.

Returning his gesture, Zhuo Fan smiled, “We are all on the same side now. So, there is no need to call me Grandmaster. You are an elder of the Luo clan while I am but a mere steward. From now on, you can call me Steward Zhuo.”

“Eh, Luo clan?” Vicious Pill King’s tone was odd, “I heard that you came from a third rate clan, but no one said anything about a Luo clan. Then again, thinking of Steward Zhuo’s incredible talent, the Luo clan must be a hidden drag

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