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“Since the ten finalists have been decided, the rest will be eliminated!” Not even looking at the pill of the alchemist who finished in close after Vicious Pill King, Xiao Ya shouted.

This caused an uproar, one born from puzzlement, as one protested, “Weren’t there supposed to be 20? Why only ten?”

Snapping a cold gaze at the speaker, Xiao Ya flatly explained, “I never said there will be 20. It just so happened there were 20 top cauldrons prepared.”

Her words sent them pondering, making them realize their false preconceived notion.

At the start of the meeting, the judge never once mentioned how many would enter the finals and just started the competition.

But, as there were 20 top spots standing out from the rest, they simply took it for granted.

Realizing their own mistakes, the alchemists sighed in regret, especially the second batch of ten. They falsely assumed there was plenty of time and didn’t give their all, wasting their chances.

None of them considered that this was set on purpose by the Drifting Flowers Edifice. An alchemist who did not strive to reach the top, was unworthy to qualify.

Unless of course, he was like Zhuo Fan, with plenty of skills in their arsenal. After all, it was a universal practice to bend the rules and morals in any profession and let the strong ones in.


The alchemist who finished after Vicious Pill King shouted his dissent. He was intimidated by Vicious Pill King but soon calmed in his heart as he declared his malcontent, “Judge, my pill is a top 5th-grade pill while Elder Yan’s was a low 5th-grade pill. We also finished close together. Reason dictates that the tenth spot ought to be mine!”


It was Zhuo Fan who got ahead of Xiao Ya. His cold eyes stared pitilessly, “Are you deaf? This round was based on speed, not quality. This is what you get when you can’t even understand what is required of you. What face can you expect when you bark like a dog? Forget about who was first or last. If this old guy finished at the same time as you, he’d still be the one to qualify since he shouted first.”

All the alchemists were startled.

[Vicious Pill King and Grandmaster Song are in a life and death battle. Grandmaster Song would no doubt by jumping for joy if he could kick the old goat out.]

[Why is Grandmaster Song speaking up for his opponent?]

They were confused and so too the people on the terrace. Even Vicious Pill King eyed Zhuo Fan with a stare.

Tao Danniang watched worriedly from the side. [Why is this brat defending him when he was working so hard to kick him out before?] Chu Qingcheng was also clueless, her angelic eyes fixed on his figure.

Under everyone’s rapt attention, Zhuo Fan snorted and took on a smug attitude in his berating, “I know exactly what you’re thinking. Indeed, yours truly wanted to kick this old guy out. But he used blood essence to refine pills, twice, cutting away

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