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With graceful steps, Luo Yunchang gestured Xiao Cui to stay as she entered alone. Her softened gaze had been on Zhuo Fan all this time.

Zhuo Fan smiled as he rose, “Young miss, are you better?”

Luo Yunchang didn’t speak, only nodded slightly.

Zhuo Fan took a deep breath out of awkwardness. He gestured to the other two and smiled, “Ha-ha-ha, let me introduce you Elder Yan Song. He will be Luo clan’s Pill House Elder. The other is Elder Li Jingtian, the elder in charge of the arrays. As long as he operates the 5th-grade arrays, no one can break through them!”

Blinking, Luo Yunchang now realized there were two more people there and rushed to greet them.

The elders returned her greeting as well.

And yet, Li Jingtian still had pride in his eyes, while Vicious Pill King was downcast.

Zhuo Fan’s face turned solemn, “Are you perhaps not satisfied?”

Vicious Pill King was the one who replied, “Steward Zhuo, the Luo clan you describe is not at all as we’ve seen! We just found out that the Luo clan has no elders and that is only around a second rate clan…” Vicious Pill King sighed.

What he thought to be a titan in hiding, stronger than the seven houses was more along the lines of a damn frickin’ third rate clan!

Li Jingtian sighed as well. He could feel the loyalty of this clan, but the reality failed to rise to his expectation, by a huge margin.

Zhuo Fan glared at them, “I never said anything about the Luo clan’s extent when I invited you in. You accepted my invitation of your own free will…”

“But Steward Zhuo, you said the Luo clan is the strongest clan in Tianyu…”

“Are you saying it’s my fault?” Zhuo Fan cut Vicious Pill King off and scared him with his sudden reply.

Luo Yunchang bowed again, “Elder Yan, Elder Li, first of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for joining the Luo clan. I know we are a small clan, unfit of your greatness, but please believe me, With Steward Zhuo, and you, the Luo clan will become better and stronger. We, the Luo clan will not disappoint you. If you still want to leave, I will not stop you…”

Luo Yunchang’s heartfelt words touched the two.

“You two old coots better goddamn suck it up!”

Then came Zhuo Fan’s cold tone. While Luo Yunchang’s words were that of a fairy, Zhuo Fan’s were that of a demon wanting to feast on their flesh.

“You may dislike how weak the Luo clan is, but I promise you, in five years, I will make the Luo clan rise to the level of the seven houses. And in ten years, It will exceed them! If you want to leave, hump. Getting into the Luo clan is easy, but getting out will be done through the mud, cold and very much dead!”

Shuddering, the elders could feel Zhuo Fan’s bloodthirst. Just looking at him, they knew he wasn’t kidding.

If they tested Demon Archon’s anger, today may very well be their funeral.

Sweating, Li Jingtian and Vicious Pill King dropped to one knee, “Yo

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