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Who knew when Zhuo Fan got there? Surely not them. But his seamless interjection in their discussion unnerved them all.

“Ha-ha-ha, lighten up. I’m the same as you, I came here to welcome guests!” Zhuo Fan waved the awkwardness away with a smile.

Though his smile looked dreadfully cold to the rest.

It was practically common knowledge four houses, Regent Estate included, came here explicitly for Zhuo Fan’s head. Yet, the four Venerables and the three elders were inside trying to break the arrays. All while he was standing just outside for the heck of it.

The Sun and Cai people looked at him, feeling his toying with the seven houses was worthy of applause.

Swallowing dryly, Cai Rong ventured a nervous reply, “Z-Zhuo Fan, I have always had the Luo clan’s benefit in mind in all my actions. Hear me out please, and leave quickly. If the Venerables come out, you won’t stand a chance!”

“Oh, I never knew Elder Cai would, after betraying the Luo clan, care so much for me. Ha-ha-ha, I’m touched!” Zhuo Fan raised a mocking eyebrow.

Cai Rong reddened, feeling the condescending tone, but he didn’t snap back. His reply was one of genuine concern, “Zhuo Fan, Luo clan’s misfortune has come because of you. Why did you come back? I am concerned for your wellbeing. Don’t let your talent go to waste. Quickly escape!”

Cai Rong was very concerned but still urged Zhuo Fan to leave.

Even when facing the Demon Archon, who was such a thorn in the seven houses’ side, this third rate clan’s head was filled with uncertainty. Or he’d long since captured Zhuo Fan and handed him over.

The Sun Clan Head was thinking along the same lines.

But since youths were rash as usual, their kids couldn’t see this logic. Cai Xiaoting stood with his chest out as he shouted, “Dad, he’s only a 5th layer of Bone Tempering cultivator. Why waste time and just go deal with him alongside Uncle Sun? Get his head and the seven houses will hail us as heroes, ha-ha-ha…”

“Quiet, fool! You know nothing!” Cai Rong glared at his son.

Sun Clan Head sneered as well. He didn’t know what Zhuo Fan did to get on the seven houses’ bad side but the old fox in him knew something was up.

It was best to stand down until all was made clear, lest he wanted an untimely death.

Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Taking my head you say. That’s a good plan!”

“No no no, that was never our intention!”

Gesticulating like mad, Cai Rong was on pins and needles, “Xiaoting is a foolish child. I promise you, we aren’t your enemies. Please leave quickly. Leave before the Venerables are back!”

“Ha-ha-ha, them coming back?”

Zhuo Fan’s tone was unbridled, “I set those arrays and know them like the back of my hand. If even one man escapes, my head…”


With a loud noise, a figure flew from Poison Dragon Array, so poisoned that his body had seven colors on him. His mouth was tight yet black blood kept flowing f

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