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Since there was no way to block him, kicking him out was option B! This was Zhuo Fan’s plan cooked up from the moment he heard of the third round’s condition.

As this round was based on speed, cutting the old coot’s speed would make it harder for him to enter the finals.

With an evil smile, Zhuo Fan watched Vicious Pill King. The latter had been duped already, so why would he keep paying the brat any more attention?

He was going as quickly as he could to finish the refining. And indeed, the best alchemist in the empire wasn’t one to disappoint, speeding through the process like a bullet. In but a few breaths, he was done with refining the ingredients.

Next was forming the pill.

Raising an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan wasn’t the least bit worried. There were some things that even though one knew they were wrong, they still couldn’t stop themselves from doing them. Because they were still holding an interest in those things, and Vicious Pill King was no exception.

“Ahe-he-hem…” Zhuo Fan coughed lightly, “Elder Yan, I noticed your pill’s ingredients and decided to run by you the Ninth Heaven Roaring Dragon Claw’s secret I used in the second round.”

His ears perked without his knowledge, despite knowing it was one of Zhuo Fan’s ploys, despite being certain that this secret was bogus. No matter how bad it looked, and felt, the temptation was too great. He wanted to know more about such a magical refining skill, especially since he was an alchemist.

He was only a breath from forming the pill’s shape but now the process was halted. His speed was now under Zhuo Fan’s complete control.

Laughing inside, Zhuo Fan still kept a serious face, “Oh, going by its name, it has a dragon and claw in it. So your hand must also take the shape of a dragon claw…”

[What a load of obvious bull!]

Vicious Pill King was clear as crystal of Zhuo Fan’s scheme and didn’t want to listen, but he only got his ears to blame for betraying him.

Yet, hearing the mention of a secret, he stopped to listen more closely. But what reached his ears was nothing more than some superficial talk from Zhuo Fan.

He felt like crying. So wretched that he wanted to cut his ears off.

With no choice, he turned to Xiao Ya and blabbed like a little kid to his teacher, “Judge, this brat is disrupting my refining!”

“What, Grandmaster Song is hindering you? How?” Xiao Ya looked skeptical.

With a red face, Vicious Pill King gnashed his teeth, “The brat keeps gallivanting in my ear and distracts me!”

Silence followed throughout the arena, then shortly followed by rambunctious laughter!

An alchemist’s most important feature was his state of mind. [What kind of alchemist are you to mess up your refining from a few words? How did you become the best alchemist in the empire anyway?]

Everyone looked out with mocking smiles. This never ever happened before.

How could they have known Zhuo Fan’s words s

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