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The Caged Dragon City leaned onto the endless miles long Bulwark Range. Four towering peaks, jutting cliff edges, and cloud wreathed hunks of rocks had the city surrounded. Seen from above, the four looked like spikes nailing down a proud dragon, dooming it for all eternity.

And this city here was where the head of the seven houses, the Regent Estate, laid its roots.

An old man in his fifty, with sunken cheeks and pale as paper, was now standing before the looming city gate. His hair was in a bun, just like a scholar’s, evoking a refined and courteous air. But the bloodthirst in his eyes ruined this image.

Two Profound Heaven experts flanked him, yet, their attitude was quite deferred toward the old man, with a hint of fear mixed within.


Suddenly, three lights flashed before them. They were none other than Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord, Long Yifey, 3rd elder and Long Jiu.

“You honor me, Pavilion Lord Long, with your arrival. Do forgive me for coming so late to welcome you!” The scholar half bowed to Long Yifey, yet, there was no trace of courteousness on his face.

Long Yifey returned the greeting with haste and respect, “It is of no importance. How could I possibly demand Sir Leng come in person? You have given me a world of respect just by waiting for me.”

“Ha-ha-ha, Pavilion Lord Long is courteous. It is only proper I do so, as the steward of Regent Estate!” Sir Leng cupped his hands and his lips curled into a wide smile.

Long Yifey nodded but felt his heart in a vice.

Around a man they called Unwonted Contriver Leng Wuchang, one had to be mindful of his every little gesture at all times, lest they reveal something they wouldn’t want to about themselves. Lest they would unwittingly allow him to pry into Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s secrets.

Even the other six house lords treated meeting Sir Leng with more gravity than seeing the emperor.


Three more figures arrived just then. Looking over, they were Hell Valley’s Valley Lord, You Wanshan, along with his Grand Elder and one-armed 5th elder. Perhaps the rage and humiliation still held him in their grip for his features were tightened and morose.

After exchanging greetings with Leng Wuchang, and some short pleasantries, Leng Wuchang flicked his cold eyes on Long Yifey, “Humph, Pavilion Lord Long, enemies always seem to bump into each other. This is the second time we meet since our audience with the emperor.”

“Ha-ha-ha, quite so. Life is fickle like that. It seems, however, after we parted from the imperial capital, Veiled Dragon Pavilion stayed the same, yet, I find it that not to be the case for Hell Valley.” Long Yifey chuckled, the sarcasm clear in his eyes as well.

This open jab at Hell Valley was an obvious mockery to them losing two great generals. First the demise of You Guiqi, and second, the crippling of 5th elder, Diamondback Ape.

Hell Valley’s losses we

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