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[Blast it! Why is his body so damn hard? How is he even human? One punch almost destroyed my hand!]

Lin Zitian stood with hands behind his back, his head at a 45 degree up angle, like a veritable expert.

He was looked down on most of the time and now, he finally had the chance to show off. But what people were unaware of was that his eyes were swimming in tears. Without keeping appearances, he’d be losing all decorum.

He could barely hold it in!

His hand was screaming in pain…

“Ha-ha-ha, Elder Lin’s power opened my eyes! I am in awe!” Huangpu Qingyun laughed.

The battle started with them having the advantage. Then Zhuo Fan had to take out some weird movement that made their advantage moot. Lin Zitian had the speed to counter it, but unfortunately, he was a paper tiger.

In spite of appearances, this Elder Lin showed he had what it took to fight Zhuo Fan. With the three of them working in tandem, Zhuo Fan was dead meat.

Huangpu Qingyun proposed, “Elder Lin, you have just shown your strength, but it’s best we deal with this little prick as soon as possible! “

“Yeah, Elder Lin. It will take you too long to bring him down so I and second young master will help you!”

Getting Huangpu Qingyun’s meaning, 5th elder urged as well in a sincere tone. He wasn’t faking it this time.

Before, Lin Zitian was but a mere cannon fodder. But now, he was an asset worth considering when taking down Zhuo Fan. Not only in terms of speed, but even with his power, he managed to earn the two’s approval.

His heart moved to tears, Lin Zitian who never received such courtesy cupped his hands, “Don’t worry, second young master, 5th elder. I will not let him escape as long as I’m around!”

“I have full trust in you!”

Huangpu Qingyun then turned to Zhuo Fan with killing intent.

Zhuo Fan sank into a deep and heavy mood.

He could deal with them two, but adding a Lin Zitian who could strike him into the mix and it would make living a lot harder.

He already had a plan set just for this occasion. Or he wouldn’t have been so brazen to show himself. But that plan was a final resort. It was dangerous so he wanted to avoid it at all costs.

The only path left for him was driving a wedge in their teamwork. As for where to start, did one even need to ask?

Snickering, Zhuo Fan eyed Lin Zitian with an evil glint, “Elder Lin, I was truly wrong about you. I never took you for an expert, when you are in fact no less than Huangpu Qingyun and 5th elder.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re late in realizing the obvious!”

Lin Zitian laughed the resentment away, now filled with nothing but content. Zhuo Fan was a junior, true, but he was infamous in the Tianyu Empire. He had proven himself a man of great power and ambition when he killed You Guiqi.

Zhuo Fan’s approval made him feel like he was bursting with prestige.

Zhuo Fan eyes his vanity and upped the ante, “But you can’t blame m

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