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Huangpu Qingyun pounded the stone table, which was as strong as a 1st-grade spiritual weapon. Cracks like spiderweb spread through the entire table.

Watching Zhuo Fan with his hawk eyes, Huangpu Qingyun spat in anger, “Is there anyone who can tell me where this guy came from? Why is it that he can surpass even Elder Yan in alchemy?”

Shuddering, the people around looked at each other, but none wanted to earn his ire.

However, Hell Valley’s 5th elder, rolled his eyes as he laughed, “Second young master, relax. Elder Yan is more than capable to deal with that obnoxious brat. He must’ve already thought of a way. Once he wins this round, he will not hesitate to get rid of that pest gnawing at his heart. He must be itching to finish him off. Ha-ha-ha…”

Huangpu Qingyun took a deep breath as he watched Yan Song.

Sure enough, the shock faded from Yan Song’s face and was now replaced with deep-seated killing intent. This somewhat eased the second young master’s anger.

Lin Zitian watched 5th elder askance as he wiped the cold sweat off his brow, crying inside.

[Curses! No one here is good!] 5th elder looked as if he was appeasing Huangpu Qingyun when in fact, he was placing the responsibility of dealing with Zhuo Fan solely on the Vicious Pill King.

If the Vicious Pill King killed the kid, he’d be settling a grudge and Huangpu Qingyun would reward him. If not, then the second young master would pour all his rage on Vicious Pill King.

And by the look of things, Yan Song had no idea this was happening.

Such scheming was vicious. [I’ll have to tread carefully around these people. Or I won’t even know how I got betrayed.]

Sighing, Lin Zitian shook his head as he watched Huangpu Qingyun.

In the arena, Zhuo Fan had to praise Vicious Pill King for managing to get his anger under control; though, inside. He was the best alchemist in the empire after all, and didn’t get distracted so easily.

Yet he did not relent with his mockery, “You’re so slow in refining the ingredients. What do you say I wait for you? How about three breaths to catch up?”

To a normal man, three breaths passed in a blink, but to alchemists, this period could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

In these crucial moments, Zhuo Fan was laid back in his battle against the Vicious Pill King. It was naked humiliation.

He would’ve been mocked if he spoke of this before the round, but now, no one could do so after his display of skill.

Slowly, Zhuo Fan’s arrogance was taken as something normal. [Well, he is a grandmaster afterall… If you got the skill then you can be as cocky as you want! Right?]

The Vicious Pill King had eyes only for his own pill, although his speed has lowered. Tao Danniang was a bit nervous as she urged Zhuo Fan, “Child, you’re still in the lead so hurry and finish. Don’t drag it out any more than necessary.”

“Yeah, young master Song, uh, Grandmaster Song!”

After Zhuo Fan revealed

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