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Three days later Zhuo Fan was in a small room, checking Luo Yunhai’s progress in reading.

Suddenly, the earth began to rumble like a huge earthquake. Zhuo Fan raised a brow, focusing his attention outside, only to be shocked at what he saw.

[What an aura. He is indeed the God of War!]

Zhuo Fan rose to his feet and shouted, “Everyone to your stations! The Luo clan’s safety for the next few years at stake here!”


The men outside the room replied, having already gotten ready as they scrambled. Zhuo Fan turned to Luo Yunhai with his devious grin, “Kid, you’re up now. You better had learned your part!”

Luo Yunhai’s face sank, “Big bro Zhuo, do I have to?”

“What do you think?”

The room was soon engulfed in Zhuo Fan’s evil cackling…

Outside Windgaze City, the Four Tigers of Tianyu were already waiting for the orderly and impeccable military procession marching towards them. It was like a dark cloud without an end.

The shaking of the mountains was due to the huge army. On the battlefield, any man, even a Profound Heaven expert would shudder in face of such might.

Leading the army was a huge man on a horse, his beard swirling in the wind. Despite reigning in his power, his mighty air and unbending nature were hard to conceal.

He was the second of Tianyu’s Four Pillars, Marshal of Tianyu’s armies, God of War Dugu Zhantian!

He was in the 6th layer of the Radiant Stage, yet the whole of Tianyu considered him the strongest. His four godsons were also peak Profound Heaven experts.

Just based on the loyalty of his million men, not even the Regent Estate would dare slight such a man! Despite Regent Estate having experts with higher cultivation than him.

Once Dugu Zhantian sent an order, his million soldiers were like an unstoppable flood of steel. Even Regent Estate’s Venerables would have a hard time dealing with such a barrage.

To unite all these weak soldiers, to make them act as one, that was what it mean to be a true God of War!

For this reason, the seven houses were afraid of the Marshal, the head of the Four Pillars, Zhuge Changfeng!

Who told them to allow him to amass such power? In this case, drowning one with numbers couldn’t be a more apt description!

“Generals welcome Marshal!” The four gave a deep bow.

Dugu Zhantian nodded, “What’s the situation? Is the Luo clan safe?”

“The Luo clan is at peace!” Dugu Feng spoke heavily.

Dugu Zhantian nodded a sigh, “It’s good we arrived in time. We did not fail His Majesty. Was there anyone making it hard on them?”

“Uh, before we arrived, it would seem that the Luo clan had suffered a sneak attack!” Dugu Feng mumbled.

Dugu Zhantian raised an eyebrow, his eyes staring back at him, “What? Then how are they? What are their losses? What about the attackers? Any prisoners? What of Luo Clan Head…”

Dugu Zhantian shot questions nonstop at the bitter looking four.

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