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Sensing Zhuo Fan’s unnatural disposition, Luo Yunchang smiled widely as she cajoled, “Zhuo Fan, Yunhai is still just a child. He can’t be…”

A light flick of his hand cut her off. Zhuo Fan had his eyes fixed on Luo Yunhai, cold as ice, “Kid, is this your final decision?”

Even a Profound Heaven expert would feel his knees soften and scalp going numb when Zhuo Fan stared at him like a viper. Luo Yunhai was still wet behind his ears and the effect was even worse.

Despite hesitating, Luo Yunhai’s nod was firm, “Big bro Zhuo can kill them if he wants. But I do not believe they should die by our hands!”

[Humph, naive!]

Li Jingtian and Yan Song chuckled.

Zhuo Fan squinted and turned to the traitors. His gaze sent shivers down their spines and made their hearts feel as if it would explode in their chests.

In the end, Zhuo Fan had the final say. The only good thing about the wimp Luo Yunhai was his title as future Clan Head – emphasis on the ‘future’.

But out of everyone’s expectations, Zhuo Fan nodded a sigh, “No choice then. I really wanted to waste them, but since Clan Head spoke, we shall do it as he decided. Elder Yan, release them!”

“En-, come again?”

Yan Song was dumbfounded, “Steward Zhuo, are you sure?”

Getting a nod, Yan Song removed their restrictions and the traitor found themselves free to move.

They cautiously watched Zhuo Fan while gazing at Luo Yunhai baffled. They were in denial, never believing the ruthless Zhuo Fan would defer to a wimpy kid.

Their hearts were in chaos, not knowing what to do. So they began kowtowing in thanks for having their lives spared, but no clue as to who to thank!

They were still baffled. Should they be thanking Zhuo Fan or the kid?

“Now that Clan Head spared you, take a hike! But Elder Cai, I still feel the need to stress something…” Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed as his tone dropped, “You will never get the chance to use the Luo clan to rise!”

Shuddering, Cai Rong understood his hidden meaning. He sighed, taking his son and the other two through the door.

Zhuo Fan’s meaning was simple. The Luo clan was strong enough to fend off the seven houses. The Cai clan also had a stake in this powerful clan but, unfortunately, he was blinded by the seven houses’ exaggerated renown and jumped aboard the wrong boat.

The Luo clan’s future was going to be one of constant development and the seven houses could no longer look down on them. But this no longer concerned this father and son pair. They brought this on themselves!

Once the four were gone, all eyes were on Zhuo Fan, finding him unlike his usual self today. This was the very first time he relented the decision in favor of another.

To a kid no less!

Luo Yunhai was baffled as well. He recalled how every time he ever talked back when they were fleeing for their lives, Zhuo Fan would hit him good.

Zhuo Fan, a servant, took advantage of his master

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