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Zhuo Fan easily picked on the three’s thoughts and jeered, “You should all lighten up and be thankful that all of you are unworthy of me ending you personally. Not with your meager strength. The one all of you shall have the honor of facing is our Pill House Elder!”

Zhuo Fan patted the elder’s shoulder, “Elder Yan, they’re all yours!”

“Ha-ha-ha, don’t worry Steward Zhuo, these old goats are nobodies. I’m more than enough for them!” Yan Song laughed, bringing out the old Vicious Pill King’s haughty demeanor back out.

Zhuo Fan nodded and chuckled before leaving.

The three elders’ faces were pitch black. As the saying went, ‘death before dishonor’.

Even though they were all far beneath Zhuo Fan’s match, his utter disregard of them had their minds filled with nothing but rage.

By the way, who was this cocky uncle Zhuo Fan left them with? [We don’t know what hole you crawl out of, nor do we care, but who do you think you are to talk to us like that? Zhuo Fan?]

The three stared daggers at Yan Song. The latter was quite relaxed and confident.

“Old coot, state your name. I do not kill without knowing my opponent’s name!” You Laoliu coldly stated. The other two watched Yan Song with the same desire, to rip him apart.

Grinning, Yan Song’s eyes glinted evilly, “Humph, I’m afraid of making you wet your pants if I do!”

“Oh? Do enlighten us please as to what other circus clown the third rate Luo clan has besides your freak, Zhuo Fan. Ha-ha-ha… “

The three’s laughter dripped sarcasm.

Squinting, Yan Song’s mouth curled in pride, “Then unclog your ears and prepare to be amazed. I am Yan Song!”


The three were dumbstruck, with bulging eyes and everything. Especially Pill King Hall’s Yan Zhenglan. His eyes were as big as saucers.

They all knew Yan Song fell at the hands of Zhuo Fan in the chaos of Drifting Flowers City. How the hell did he end up here, and as Luo clan’s Pill House Elder no less?

When Yan Zhenglan and Lin Rufeng came from their stupor, they looked at Yan Zhenglan. He was the only one here who was most familiar with Yan Song, being from the same house and all.

He should spot immediately if that man was the real Vicious Pill King.

After a long and hard scrutiny, Yan Zhenglan gasped, “Vicious Pill King, Elder Yan Song! It’s really you!”

You Laoliu’s heart trembled and his face grew solemn.

[No wonder this geezer mocked us.] While he was known as the Vicious Pill King, they were truly and utterly titleless.

“Why, Yan Song? Why did you betray Pill King Hall!?” Yan Zhenglan shouted.

Yan Song had only mockery for him, “Vicious Pill King had followed the natural course and died in Drifting Flowers City from Zhuo Fan. And from his death, Yan Song was reborn. Tell me, where’s the betrayal? Besides, with me out of the picture, isn’t the Vicious Pill King title up for grabs? Humph, I’m not naive. Don’t tell me the Pill K

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