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Chapter 4 – The Young Lady is Fierce!

Everyone was stupefied during that deafening thunder noise. They were flabbergasted as they looked at the mountain slope, which was instantly scorched black, not daring to believe their eyes.

On that mountain slope, those originally overpowering hunters were now insensible. They disbelievingly gazed at their large force which had collapsed in front of them. Every single one seemed as if they were petrified, not moving even a bit.

They completely could not understand. In the end, where did that ferocious lightning pop out from?!

“Oh? Still not dead? I must absolutely strike you dead! Let you guys dare to use lightning to strike me! In terms of using lightning, I am your ancestor!” Ji Fengyan saw that the mountain slope on the opposing side unexpectedly still had a little huddle of people that weren’t struck dead by the Five Lightning’s Bombardment. Immediately, she tore another section of her clothes, quickly using her blood to draw another Five Lightning’s Bombardment talisman. Throwing it up, she sliced out with the sword!


The second blast of thunder sounded even more ear-piercing. In an instant, a heavy amount of intertwined heavenly lightning once again rumbled as they descended!

In the the blink of an eye!

Already, there was not even one figure standing on that mountain slope. The only thing left were charred, blackened corpses which stiffly fell to the ground.

An instant later, the entire world became unusually quiet. Only a burnt stench could be smelled, blown by a gust of wind from the mountain slope.

Ji Fenyan narrowed her eyes, looking as if trying to making sure that this Five Lightning's Bombardment totally blasted the other side into ashes.

She completely didn't notice that those guards standing behind her were already flabbergasted. One after the other gaped, almost like they saw a ghost.

"Just… just a moment ago… what happened?" A guard stammered. If not for personally witnessing this, even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn't believe it. Their young lady casually faced the sky and simply slashed out two times with a sword could send more than a hundred hunters all into h.e.l.l.

"I… I'm also not clear…" The muscular leader swallowed. Before, his distance to Ji Fengyan was the closest, thus he witnessed the entire process with his own eyes. However… in the end, he still didn't know what happened. He just saw that his young lady used her own blood to draw a demonic glyph on her clothes, then threw it towards the sky, sliced out with the sword, and the other side was turned into ashes by two lightning clouds.

After making sure the other side was all dead, Ji Fengyan then happily threw the sword towards the muscular man. Rubbing away the traces of blood on her fingertip, she turned her head towards the guards.

"What are you all waiting for? Quickly prepare to travel, or are all of you planning to spend the night in this de

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