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Chapter 19 – Refining Pills

Refine pills?

Ling He and the others were dis...o...b..bulated. They had never heard of these words before.

Even though he was baffled to no end, Ling He still sent people to bring all of the medicinal herbs into the back courtyard. All of the other guards also followed along. They had to constantly scramble during the journey here and their injuries hadn't healed, but they would absolutely fulfill their duty of protecting Ji Fengyan's safety.

That was especially true after Ling He found out that the Lei Xu father and son duo came here to make a ruckus, doing their best to embarra.s.s Ji Fengyan. The originally slight expectation that he had held towards them had completely turned into despair.

Inside this remote Ji City, they were the only ones that could protect Ji Fengyan.

Quite a few guards were already exhausted to the point of having no strength left. When they reached the back courtyard, their faces had turned gaunt and pale. All of them completely had no idea about what Ji Fengyan wanted to do. Just as they were full of bewilderment, they saw her suddenly take out a large container made from bronze out of nowhere!

With a loud "thump", it fell to the ground!

Ling He and the others were even more flabbergasted, having a dazed expression throughout the entire process. They watched as Ji Fengyan lit a bonfire under the container and it's inside suddenly started spiralling with wisps of red light.

She quickly handled and organized each herb, soon feeding one after the other into that furnace cauldron.

This furnace cauldron was pa.s.sed down through her master's line. Compared to other furnace cauldrons, its speed was even faster, the medicinal pills it refined were even purer, and the effectiveness even better!

Immortal cultivators usually didn't ask for help from others. If they were ill, then they would refine medicinal pills themselves, solving their problem on their own.

As for refining pills, Ji Fengyan didn't really have that much interest in it. But, that lazy master of hers forced her to refine medicinal pills for almost a decade, so now she could close her eyes and still refine pills.

When those medicinal herbs entered the cauldron, Ji Fengyan conveniently plucked a leaf from a banana tree off to the side to use as a fan. Settling down next to the furnace cauldron, she began to fan the flames.

Twilight slowly gave way to the darkness of night. Ling He and the others tiredly rested by the side, each of them already starting to become numb to their young lady's bizarre actions.

As they were starting to doze off, Ji Fengyan suddenly shouted.


The noise completely startled Ling He and the others awake from their sleepiness. All of them shook their bodies, lifting their eyes just to see Ji Fengyan taking out a deep brown coloured medicinal ball from that bronze container.

"Come on, come on, come on. One for each person." Ji Feng

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