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Chapter 3 – In Terms of Playing With Lightning, I am Your Ancestor!

As that man's sound rang out, the figures of dishevelled guards one after the other surrounded Ji Fengyan. Ignoring their own wounds, they formed a human wall using their own flesh and blood to withstand the onslaught of thunder and lightning

Ji Fengyan blankly stood in the encirclement, looking at that deep hole one step away, which was unceasingly flickering in the dusk under the barrage of electricity.

Slowly lifting her head, Ji Fengyan couldn't resist widening her eyes. She looked at those black robed men on the slope of the mountain opposite of her. As they continued brandis.h.i.+ng the magic staffs in their hands, bolt after bolt of lightning also plummeted downwards from the sky.

“My lady, you should quickly go! I fear that we can't hold for long." The muscular leader panted as he opened his mouth. While he spoke, the heavy sword in his hands already consecutively blocked two lightning bolts. Still, even though that heavy sword was around two centimetres thick, cracks began to appear under the electrical discharge’s onslaught.

“Oh?” A brief sound of laughter rang out from behind.

The muscular man turned his head around in surprise. Shockingly, he saw that Ji Fengyan, who was protected in the middle of the group, suddenly laughed. While everyone still didn’t have enough time to react, Ji Fengyan abruptly pushed away those unbearably dishevelled guards in front of her. With her back straight, she walked towards where the lightning fell, her eyes blazing with a flaming glow that could burn a person.

"My lady?"

"Strike me? Your sister! Actually daring to use lightning to strike me? I survived the Ninety-Ninth Heavenly Lightning and you're still using lightning to strike me?! It's because you can use lightning, right?!" Ji Fengyan looked at the area full of lightning and completely exploded. She prepared all those years, finally reaching the ninety-eighth bolt of heavenly lightning, but was forcibly struck into this body by the ninety-ninth bolt. Now, before enjoying the warm glow of this body, there was a person using lightning to strike her?

Truly thinking that she grew up being struck by lightning?!

“Actually thinking that I don’t have lightning to strike with? Just wait!” Ji Fengyan immediately ripped off a section of her clothes. Under the muscular man’s startled exclamation, she bit open her fingertip, using the blood to fluidly draw a strange rune on the torn cloth

After the last part was drawn, Ji Fengyan turned around and s.n.a.t.c.hed the muscular man’s heavy sword. Throwing the b.l.o.o.d.y fabric into the air, she abruptly used the heavy sword’s edge to slash through it.

“Five Lightning’s Bombardment!” Ji Fengyan’s crisp voice flowed out.

As Ji Fengyan’s voice reverberated, the cloth that was cut apart by the heavy sword suddenly ignited. It became a ball of fire, slowly drifting away in the air.

The muscular

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