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Chapter 6 – A "Young Forest Brother" RolledDown the Mountain

Even now, they didn't forget the first time they saw Ji Fengyan. The child wore clothes that were washed until it was white and so emaciated that she looked a piece of paper. It was basically completely different their image of a young lady.

They also had no way of forgetting of what happened after they took out the Life Annihilation Armour. The brothers of Ji Fengyan, with greed in their eyes, disparagingly ordering her around.

"From what I see, this time's situation is definitely connected with those cousins of the young lady. She already promised to hand the Life Annihilation Armour over and they still want to kill all of us! They simply aren't human!" A guard cliched his fists in acrimony.

"It doesn't matter. The lord treated us with favour that year, we absolutely cannot just watch with open eyes as the young lady suffers. As I see it, even if the young lady hands the Life Annihilation Armour over, those people still wouldn't let continue to live. We truly cannot let the young lady return there again. Wait until we reach the city and the young lady takes over the city lord position, then we can think of a method to get her to stay. Definitely do not let her be moved into returning," the muscular leader said with furrowed brows.

Ji Fengyan was obviously already fourteen years old, but still looked like and eleven to twelve year old. Heaven knows how wretched her life was in the clan.

"Boss, don't worry! This time we owe the young lady. After all, our life could be said to have been saved by her. So she must be protected!" All of the guards, one after the other expressed their loyalty.

"Good. It's fine if you know these words, but don't let the young lady hear. Even if those swine of the clan didn't treat her well, with her gentle nature she would still be too soft in the end. Knowing about this would only hurt her," the muscular leader said.


The horse carriage continued forward for about twenty metres. Suddenly, a black shadow rumbled as it rolled down towards the front of the carriage from the mountain to the side. Like a startled flock of birds, the guards instantly went on alert, thinking it was an enemy sneak attack. However, when they focused their eyes to take a look, they became dumbfounded.

Inside the carriage, Ji Fengyan could feel it stopping, thinking something had happened, she abruptly stuck her head out to take a look.

Only to see a medium sized child that fell in front of the horse carriage. His back was a mangled mess of flesh and blood, leaving a large trail of blood from where he rolled down.

"What happened to this child?" The muscular leader immediately advanced forward to take a look. Ji Fengyan also got down from the carriage and headed there as well.

At the most, that child looked to be between thirteen to fourteen years old. His face was buried in the ground and the injuries on his body weren't light

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