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Chapter 103 – Stray Dog (2)

After he finished speaking, Ling He didn't bother with Lei Min anymore, instead he directly brought his people and took all of the materials and evidence used in management by the city lord.

Throughout this entire process, Lei Min wasn't even able to speak a single word. He had thought about refuting Ling He, but… By this point, he also realized that for Ling He and his men to appear here in perfect condition, it was very likely that… his father's side really did have a mishap.

Once Ling He and his people finished taking all of the things that they needed and left the City Lord's Residence, those terrorized servants finally revealed the truth under Lei Min's forceful questioning.

Lei Xu was dead. This news was like a raging bonfire that spread throughout Ji City. The servants of the City Lord's Residence had also received this news not long ago, but before they could notify Lei Min, Ling He and his men had already charged over.

After Lei Min finished listening to their report, he felt as if he had sunken into a cold and frozen abyss. He stood there with a face full of despair, his mind completely blank, unable to form even a single thought.

"Sir Ling He said that City Lord Ji hadn't planned on moving to the City Lord's Residence, so… so Young Cit- Master can still stay here." A servant said while trembling.

Slowly turning his head to look at the servant who had just spoken, Lei Min's face suddenly revealed an extremely enraged expression as he abruptly lifted his hand and slapped that person to the ground.

"SCRAM! ALL OF YOU SCRAM!" Lei Min bellowed.

The servants in the main hall all trembled in fright as they quickly ran away in panic.

Inside the main hall, all that was left was Lei Min and the maid who was supporting him.

Over. Everything was over…

Lei Min felt as if his world had collapsed.

How could he have ever thought that his father who had left with full confidence would actually have died in not even half a day? What's more in that half a day's time, his own status fell from a mighty young city lord to the laughing stock of the entire city.

Ji Fengyan had said that she didn't approve of Lei Min in front of such a large crowd of people. Such an insult was something that Lei Min had never experienced in his lifetime.

Insecurity, anger, and fear all mixed together in Lei Min's heart. His fingers trembled as his face paled and darkened.

Ji Fengyan disdained from living inside the City Lord's Residence so she left this place for him, almost like a type of charity… A type of insult…

"Young Ci- Master?" The maid nervously asked as she looked at Lei Min's dark face.

Lei Min clenched his teeth, his face dark to the point that it was scary.

"Bring me to Lingsheng's room." Lei Min abruptly ordered.

The maid was slightly dazed, "But, Young Lady Su, she still hasn't-"

"If you don't want to die, then bring me over there!" Lei Min interrupt

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