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Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Merchants from Afar (2)

Ling He couldn’t help but ask for Ji Fengyan’s opinion about this idea. She didn’t have any objections towards it, instead she was also interested in going to take a look.

Once Ling He heard this, he happily pranced off to select the ores to bring along. After he was finished, Ji Fengyan directly called Yang Jian over and made him carry the large wicker basket full of rare ores and went over with Ling He and the others to take a look.

Seven to eight large horse carriages were stopped inside Ji City’s public square. Except for two that were for seating pa.s.sengers, all of the other horse carriages had been altered to a temporary stall like appearance for selling goods as an endless stream of commoners came over from all parts of the city to sell the rare ores that they had h.o.a.rded for so long.

Five to six of the carriages were surrounded by a large amount of commoners and to the side of every carriage stood two black-robed men. The front of their robes were embroidered with a lion vulture symbol while a mask covered the top half of their faces, causing them to seem quite mysterious.

When Ji Fengyan and the others arrived at the public square, the entire place could be said to be bustling with liveliness. Lines of people coming to sell their ores stretched on for hundreds of meters, almost seeming like a coiled dragon.

“What are the rules for this merchant group?” Ji Fengyan asked curiously. From what she could see, all of the ores that everybody brought along with them was covered in a layer of spirit energy and the quant.i.ty was quite considerable as well.

“I’m also not sure. From what I know, this merchant group is rather special as aside from exchanging rare ores for gold, they also seem to exchange them for special items like master-levelled medications, pinnacle-quality gems, even first-cla.s.s weapons can also be exchanged. However all of that depends on the quality of the ores as well as the demand.” Zuo Nuo explained while scratching his head. He had also just learned about this merchant group today as well.

“Master-Levelled medications?” Ling He involuntarily breathed out when he heard about this.

Master-levelled apothecaries were extremely rare in any country, with the majority of them directly serving the imperial families. Very few if any master-levelled medications would leak out onto the markets, therefore for this merchant group to actually get their hands on master-levelled medications was quite incredible.

“Although that is what is said, but from what I know, there seems to have been n.o.body in Ji City who has been able to take out the rare ores needed to exchange for master-levelled medication.” Zuo Nuo shrugged.

Before, the majority of Ji City’s superior mineral veins had all been in Lei Xu’s hands, thus the mineral veins that ordinary commoners were allowed access to were all of inferior quality. Even if they had managed to

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