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Chapter 121

Chapter 121 – Timeless Affection Flower (1)

Ling He and the others who had just finished bringing Gong Zhengyu for a look around the storage room watched wide-eyed as Ji Fengyan flashed past them while carrying Liu Huo on her back. All of them were stunned.

“What… is my lady doing?” Gong Zhengyu asked, feeling a bit dumbfounded. The speed at which Ji Fengyan had dashed by was too fast. If one didn’t look carefully, then it would’ve been impossible to see her clearly.

Ling He felt a bit anxious, but he pretended to be calm. “There’s nothing to worry about, Young Master Gong. Tea has already been prepared for you, so if you’ll please head to the front hall, I’ll just quickly go and take a look…”

“Very well.” Gong Zhengyu lightly nodded.

Not saying anything else, Ling He immediately chased after Ji Fengyan.

Waiting until Ling He had

left, Gong Zhengyu wasn’t in a hurry to look away, instead he turned towards the direction where Ji Fengyan had left from.

“Young Master, did you have to personally come here?” One of the black-clothed men besides Gong Zhengyu asked after seeing that n.o.body else was around.

Gong Zhengyu retrieved his gaze before slowly answering, “To be able to seize Ji City right from under Lei Xu’s control, this new City Lord isn’t so simple. You two also saw it a moment ago, right? The ores inside that storage room is far more valuable compared to all of the ones that we have collected before. With such a partner, why shouldn’t I make the effort to handle the situation more personally?”

The black-clothed man fell silent. His slight resentment to Ji Fengyan from before had long since completely disappeared after he had personally seen all of those rare

rare ores in the storage room.

All of them were of superior grades.

“We have cooperated with Lei Xu a few times before, but why is it that we have never received such rare ores of value from him while this new City Lord unexpectedly has so much?” The black-clothed man asked after hesitating a moment.

Gong Zhengyu seemed to smile as he looked up at the darkening horizons.

“How numerous are the wonders and talents under the heavens? There is nothing that is absolute. When Lei Xu first chose to cooperate with the Eldest Princess, he must have inevitably have had reservations of his own. Such affairs do no require our further consideration. All you two have to remember is what our objectives are.”

“Yes,” the black-clothed men acknowledged.

“It’s likely that this little City Lord won’t be able to finish for quite a while, so why don’t we head to

head to the front hall first?” Gong Zhengyu lightly smiled as he left.

The two black-clothed men nodded their heads as they followed along.

As Ling He closely followed after Ji Fengyan, he finally arrived in front of Liu Huo’s room with its door half closed. When he pushed it open, searing steam gushed out of the room, so hot that it heated

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