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Chapter 126

Chapter 126 – Running Away From Home (1)

Ling He felt that the atmosphere around the residence was just not right . Really not right!

Just three days ago, Liu Huo had mysteriously disappeared in the morning . After Ji Fengyan searched for him to no avail, the atmosphere around the residence became extremely strange . Ji Fengyan would just silently sit there in the main hall, supporting her chin with her hand while Zuo Nuo and the other guards who pa.s.sed by would all try to silently slip through . Most of the time, they were all smiles and laughter, but seeing Ji Fengyan in this unusual state caused of them to only be able to act obediently and appropriately .

After holding back for almost half the day, Zuo Nuo finally couldn’t restrain himself anymore .

“Boss, what happened to our young lady? In the end, what happened to that Liu Huo kid?”

Ling He curled his lips, “No idea . For whatever reason, he’s no longer

here anymore, so our young lady hasn’t been in a good mood lately . All of you should avoid provoking her during this time . ”

“Liu Huo is basically a stranger in a strange place here, so where could he have gone? Should we dispatch some people to track him down?” Zuo Nuo asked .

“I’ve already suggested that to our young lady, but she said that there was no need . After all… Liu Huo was somebody who we picked up along the road . We never did ask about where he lived or whether he had a family, so it could just as likely be that he missed home and went back,” Ling He shook his head .

Liu Huo left too mysteriously, thus all they could do was guess .

Ji Fengyan still remained in silence, but not even a moment later, a guard came in and reported that Gong Zhengyu had come again to visit . Agreeing with a grunt, she allowed them in

in .

Gong Zhengyu walked into the main hall with his ever-present bright and sunny smile . He had changed his clothes today, his grey-coloured outfit being switched with a pearl-white one that set off his pure and fair face, causing it seem even clearer . As for those two black-clothed men following behind him, they were as silent as ever .

Seeing the drooping Ji Fengyan sitting there in the main hall, Gong Zhengyu couldn’t help but feel a bit curious about what happened .

“Fengyan, what happened? You seem rather dispirited today . ”

Lifting up an eye to glance at Gong Zhengyu, she answered in a rather resentful tone, “The d.a.m.ned brat ran away from home . ”

“……” Gong Zhengyu was stunned for a good long while before finally managing to react and puzzle together what Ji Fengyan meant . He couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe he’s just thinking about home, perhaps he might even return after a few more days . ”

“That would be for the best,

the best, but still, he went scampering off before it was even known whether his body had recovered or not,” she said, wrinkling her nose . Everything else was fine, but her main worry was

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