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Chapter 102 – Stray Dog (1)

Right after Lei Min finished speaking, a clamour of noises abruptly came from the front hall of the City Lord's Residence.

Lei Min's heart began to jump.

"My lord, it's likely that Sir City Lord has come back, so I'll help you get over there now." The maid smiled.

Nodding his heading fiercely, Lei Min couldn't stop his heart from wildly leaping. It didn't matter that walking over there would pull on his wounds, he still couldn't resist the urgency he felt and thus began to walk forward with big steps.

He already couldn't wait to see Ji Fengyan's awkward appearance of being captured.

Lei Min would let that d.a.m.ned girl pay for everything that she did from before!

Very quickly, Lei Min arrived at the front hall under the a.s.sistance of the maid. His heart that was full of expectations completely came to a halt once he saw Ling. He and the others standing there.

Inside the front hall, there was no signs of Lei Xu nor was there any signs of Ji Fengyan. The only thing that was there was Ling He and five perfectly fine and uninjured tall, rather bulky guards that stared with hostility at the group of servants standing in front of them.

Seeing this formation, Lei Min's entire person became fully dumbfounded. Everything that he saw was completely different from what he imagined.

Didn't his father promise him that he would cut off Ling He and the other's heads for him to vent his anger?

Then why was Ling He standing in front of him in perfect condition?

"What did you come here for?! Who let you in?!" Lei Min furrowed his brows in displeasure. He didn't know what went wrong, but towards Ling He, the person who humiliated him, he was only full of anger and hatred.

"Come! Somebody expel these intruders who charged into the City Lord's Residence!" Lei Min shouted in a low voice.

Ling He raised a sword-like eyebrow as he looked at Lei Min's still somewhat pale face and coldly asked him, "Expel us? Lei Min, did you not wake up properly?"

Saying that, Ling He directly sat on the master seat of the City Lord's Residence and looked at Lei Min with an arrogant gaze.

Almost immediately, Lei Min's face darkened. "Well, aren't you brave?! That seat isn't a place where you can sit! Come, men! Capture these intruders!"

The roaring of Lei Min's voice had already warped its tone, but…

Not even one of the servants standing there in the front hall moved. Those guards who were standing watch outside the front hall also seemed as if they had basically never heard Lei Min's orders at all, only lowering there heads while remaining in place.

"Did all of you guys turn deaf?! Actually daring to not listen to my words?! Just wait until the City Lord comes back and skins the lot of you alive!" Lei Min loudly cursed.

However, there was still n.o.body who answered Lei Min's roar.

Enough, enough, enough. Save your breath, okay? The City Lord that you're talking about sho

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